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ShanaEmily: I AM 1stPhorm

HERE IS IT IS!!! My story...and my journey over the past 2 years!! This is dedicated to my momma who passed July 26th 2007, to my family and friends who have been there to support me and to all of you who are living proof that dreams come true and that in order to get them you must go after them....
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Hi friends. So... by now you are either wondering why the heck I keep calling myself 1stPhorm or you are assuming it is my new nick name..I will take it...

 haha Interestingly enough for the past month in a half I feel as though I haven't really changed who I am or how I have been living...other then this incredible FIRE that was lit after I entered this contest!!! I mean there was always a fire...and I have been pushing to improve every single day....but it was time to take it to the next level!

When I saw that 1stPhorm was doing an Athlete Search..well...I could barely contain myself!

A lot of my friends and family asked WHY...WHY Do you want to be the next 1stPhorm Athlete?
and remember I said because it is ME!...

 The next month I was so ready to make some major changes and go after what scared me!
 Don't think for a second I haven't been totally and utterly exhausted , wanting to crawl in my room and sleep all weekend

I try to go out with friends. but it is hard...I am usually too tired..too hungry...
You do lose touch with's unfortunately a sacrifice that is made through this process....though I do my best always...I MISS all of my friends who I don't see...and I hope they know that

But when you have to get on stage half naked for the world to see with judges and lights and incredibly DARK do what you gotta do.
This fit life enabled me to DANCE again...and do all the things I was passionate about...and lets just say passion wasn't enough to get me to do didn't come easy and I fell A LOT....I HAD to make a change
 Putting in the work, and walking around like you are a winner is what drives you... No need to go after something if you are going to half ass it. Pardon my french
SO, Here is my journey in under 5 minutes....a personal one that for most who follow my vlogs and my blog know much about. For those who don't...I hope that you can take just a piece of what I have done and turn it into your own. This Athlete Search...I about finding someone who pushes boundaries, and lives this life to its fullest. I am SCARED a lot... I mean.. JESSIE SPANO.. I'm so excited scared..
 but that is usually when I know I am on the right path...

SO try stay away from temptation...and no I was sleep walking or blacked out...either! haha
I have avoided ALL temptations that have come my way...well..other then that damn QUEST bar that got me after I watched some pretty incredible women take the stage with all their muscles...
There were moments in the gym that I just couldn't take it...well and outside of the gym...haha

and all know those moments when you walk into the gym with your new Nikes and CUT UP T-shirt and be like

I found me some products like +1stPhorm BLISS that just made me feel incredible!!

I am ready to take on the world....

So even if you can't do this..
and you look more like this..

 YOU still have the same heart and passion and drive....believe me...Thank you for the love..hopefully you got a laugh...and a look into my lets see what else we can do huh?

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