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Eat Clean Series: My Grocery Essentials

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So, on a daily basis I get about 10 emails asking how to get started with clean eating. I am by no means an expert but I usually respond with some links to the many bloggers and experts out there that explain it all...but then I realized...some just want to know how I do it...I know I love hearing how others do things SO..I thought I would start a whole series on Eating Clean and training dirty. I have posted recipes in this segment but never grocery lists and what NOT to eat type posts so let me know if you like this and what other questions you may have!

You know I love to shop...and I am addicted to a deal...so shopping for food is just as much fun for me..minus the times when I can't get me cheez its...but hey you do what you gotta do.The thing is Eating clean is overhwhelming at first...but I will share something with you... LESS IS MORE when it comes to clean eating and fresh produce and clean pantry will make life easier and your abs flatter I promise! 

As a busy, full time business women, wife, momma of 4 animals, blogger, model and fitness addict, I understand how it is difficult. I don't have kids but I can imagine how hard it must be. FAST is cheap but is also CRAP...and having things ready is hard enough as it is. MEAL PREP MEAL PREP MEAL PREP will become your best friend...and don't worry you can change up that same meal all week but at least now you know what is in it and you know it is ready!

What is eating CLEAN really? Honestly I think it means something different to everyone. But I can only speak for myself and that is what I am doing...for me...

I just STAY AWAY from processed foods and stick to WHOLE FOODS that are free from chemicals and any ingredients I can't pronounce! Below I have a few helpful things to remember to get you EATING CLEAN..and Training dirty...haha ok just eating clean we will get to training dirty at a later time.  

My list is basically what you should have on hand at all times to make it easy... I didn't really add additional items example for kids but you can get creative and add fruits and nuts and other items to really make it fun. Use this as a starting point and slowly take out things from your kitchen that don't fit...SLOWLY is the key word...if you say I AM NEVER EATING cookies again...I am sure by the end of the first day of 100% CLEAN EATING you will find yourself in the living room downing a box of your favorite cookies saying how hard this is...SO DON'T DO IT! Don't say I didn't warn you... haha I was holding a bag of pita chips when I first started haha their baked...but the whole bag was not necessary for me to eat!  

How to get started... SLOWLY:

1. First let go of a few things that can change your life in just a week. anything white and that includes SUGAR, alcohol, those MONSTER drinks haha. Remember this doesn't mean that you will never have it again you just have to start getting your body used to not NEEDING it...  

2. Don't throw it all away when you get started. GOING 100% CLEAN right away is a RX for FAILURE It also might break your bank account. My first trip cost over $500 yep..I went nutso! One thing you can do is just try replacing one thing with another. Like SUGAR or SPLENDA with STEVIA...something nautural. Remove Candy and ice cream and replace it with FAGE yogurt with granola and fruit. Your taste buds will actually change.. SERIOUSLY... no lie..things will actually taste better and the fake food will taste like crap and you will crave fresh fruit and granola haha lots and lots of granola! haha 

3. Remember start small. I like to keep it simple at first. Almost no ingredients in each meal...I know sounds boring but believe me it makes life so easy...you don't really have to think about it. For instance, one meal is brown rice, broccoli, and chicken. That's it. now...you can add salsa, some avocado for fat, and some spices like smoked paprika but if you start simple you will know and learn the basics!

4. PREP your big items every Sunday. I hear it all the time. I just like to make my food that day, or I don't like left overs, or I don't have time. OK well, then continue to whine about your body and how you like to skip breakfast because some how you have convinced yourself that your body likes to be starved over night. I have hear all of the excuses and honestly I never pay them any mind. Since I started prepping my meals my life has changed... and listen you don't have to put them in tupperware and make them meals...I mean grill 16 pieces of chicken so you have them for the week.. you can make tacos, fajitas and so much more. But having it made will save you time and heartache....  

SO, to start it off I thought I would start with the basics. No name brands, no specific places to go, just FOOD you can get at the grocery store. 

Anyway, we will do a more specific grocery list for places like Costco or Trader Joes, but again I am just going to stick to how to get started! I have a fitness, health , and beauty Youtube Channel where I vlog daily and you can see me on my grocery trips to Albertsons, Trader Joes, and Costco! I will leave some of the links below for you guys! But basically pick your veggies and stock up on spices and seasonings with no or minimal sodium and once you are there, join me next week for part 2!!!

Grocery List

(Note: I try to buy organic when I can mainly the thinner skinned items, when you know you are going to be eating the skin! But heck...I don't have a billion dollars so make due and do what you can!)


  • KALE
  • APPLES ( I love the Honey Crispy Or Pink Lady)
  • STRAWBERRIES (fresh or frozen, frozen is great for smoothies)
  • TOMATO ( I like the cherry)
  • BLUEBERRIES, (fresh or frozen
  • BLUEBERRIES, (organic,frozen)
  • ONIONS (Red, white or green or all!)
  • ASPARAGUS (Organic if you can)
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • GREEN BEANS, (Fresh is good but frozen will work)
  • Broccoli, Fresh is good but frozen will work)
  • GARLIC (Fresh and Ground I like to have both! Make sure it is in WATER not OIL for fresh in a jar)


(Note: I don't incorporate any dairy...BOOO Not becuase I can't when I am off competition prep, but becuase I am officially lactose intolerant...luckily it is just an intolerance so when we go to Italy I WILL be eating some cheese... but here are some basics to incorporate into the mix.) the hubby eats dairy!

  • GREEK YOGURT, (Fage brand NO SUGAR)
  • MILK (2%)


(Note: Again, organic is best. But if you can’t afford it, it's ok, it is about getting started!)
  • CHICKEN BREASTS,( boneless, skinless 16 Breasts should make enough for the week) 
  • TURKEY (ground, Extra lean, 2-3 packages)
  • EGGS,( organic Cage Free)
  • EGGS Typically (4 to 8 small Cartons of Egg Whites work great for Meal Prep (I am cooking for 2)


(Note:I buy most my fish frozen fresh is good but it costs quite a bit and is not as convenient for me)
  • Cod
  • Salmon 
  • Swai
  • Mahi Mahi
  • White Albacore Tuna in water


  • PEANUT BUTTER (I like to make sure it is unsalted, no need for extra sodium!)
  • NUTS IN GENERAL ( RAW is best!)


  • BROWN RICE (White rice is ok too, in good portions but try to cut it out!)
  • OATS
  • EZEKIEL BREAD OR TORTILLAS, (the small Mission style are good too! )

  • HOT SAUCE                            
  • RED PEPPER FLAKES              
  • STEVIA (packets or drops they have flavors!)
  • WALDEN FARMS SYRUP (no sugar low sugar)
  • BALSAMIC VINEGAR (Low Sugar or No sugar)
  • BLACK BEANS         
  • PINTO BEANS            
  • CHICKPEAS          

(Note: I will talk more about my supplements on a separate post but here are the basics to get started and items I will use in my recipes for future)
  • Whey isolate Protein (I LOVE +1stPhorm  Phormula-1 as it is the best mixing protein I have tried and it tastes amazing! 
  • Multi Vitamin
  • Fish Oil
  • Bone & Joint Support
  • BCAA

Here is a playlist of my Eat Clean Videos! Grocery Shopping and recipes! Let me know what else you guys want to see!!
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  1. I finally meal prepped on Sunday, and it was amazing yesterday to come home from the gym and grab a chicken breast and some veggies out of the fridge, thank you for this post and your great eat clean videos!

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  5. Thanks Shana for sharing this and making sure folks understand it was small changes over a period of time to get to where you are today. And for those that have been following your vlogs and channel for awhile we have seen it. Now to share with the rest of the world...


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