Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eat Clean: My Pre-Workout Popsicles Featuring 1stPhorm MegaWattHD

I have been dying to try this and I finally did!! and umm... yeah.. My friend Edwina told me I should have called them Penis pops, or nasty pops, but this blog is PG and these were delicious. So whatever you want to call them...haha You can watch me make them below! I have a full series of EAT CLEAN recipes I have been compiling let me know if there is anything you want to see! and let me know if you made these! @colorblindblog on Instagram! and let +1st Phorm know what you think of their flavors! THESE WERE DELICIOUS! ENJOY!
Get yourself some Popsicle Molds. I picked this up from Marshalls for $5.99 I think. Loved the shape!
Arrange your molds in the holder and READ THE DIRECTIONS...If you watch my video you will see why I tell you this haha
Get a Measuring cup to measure out your liquid.

 STEP 4 
Scoop the desirable amount into the measuring cup. I used 2 teaspoons or one serving basically. Make sure you test your tolerance level first. Everyone reacts differently to pre-workout some are more sensitive! I used the MegawattHD by 1stPhorm!

After mixing it up pour the liquid into the molds, making sure there is at least a half an inch at the top as it will rise as it freezes.
Close them up tight and get excited!

They will look something like this! I actually didn't think they would be too flavorful but oh my goodness. They were!!! SOOOOO GOOOD. and when you are on a competition prep this is like HEAVEN! Now I broke one becuase I didn't let them sit out on the table for a bit to kind melt so they come out of the molds...so do that...otherwise. ENJOY! I ate all of them before the gym since it was one serving!!! YEAHYAH!! I will be doing this again and will keep you posted of any of the changes!
 Don't worry I do realize how phallic this is...but I didn't know how else to show you so... haha ENJOY!!!



  1. Did 1stPhorm give you a coupon code because $42 bucks is expensive :) I love your blog and posts.

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