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EAT CLEAN: How to Survive a BBQ!

It is about that time of year when most of us are heading to friends and families homes for BBQ's well unless you live in Vegas right now haha it's 107 and MOST of us are heading inside for air conditioner...but it's ok. I still love Vegas. I hear it all the time from my friends who are trying to stay clean...I admit is hard...I mean when we bought our home...we literally owned a mattress some vintage furniture I had picked up along my journeys and a GRILL! haha Who doesn't love GRILLED EVERYTHING. but see that isn't what gets us in trouble at BBQ's.

It is once you get the goods OFF the grill when you get yourself in some trouble. BIG ol BUNS for your burger, and LOTS of CREAMY slaws and SUGAR INFESTED sauces to go with your STARCHY POTATOES and ICE COLD BEER! haha (side note: who is drooling? ok just checking...haha) NONE of these items are CLEAN...nor will they get you that stomach we are all dreaming of.
I am here to give you some ideas and pointers to keep you on point and ready to show off that booty before summer is over...
Now, if you are like me you are more than likely hosting the BBQ so haha Making options for you is EASY and well super cute if you shop at Marshalls and go nutso on BBQ /4th of July themes things... (how cute is this freaking apron?) Anyway, KEEPING YOU on track should be easier when you KNOW what it is you are eating. oh and also... DON'T SKIP Breakfast and your second meal before lunch JUST because you are having a BBQ...It only means your portions will be twice the size and your metabolism will slow down to a freaking turtle pace!
If you are going as a guest, then you have NO CONTROL of what the heck you are going to be given and what kinds of fatty goodness has your chicken breast been soaking in over night!

How to survive a BBQ & EAT CLEAN!
1. Bring something CLEAN & Healthy! Seems like an obvious tip...but grabbing a bag of chips and salsa is WAY easier then bringing a salad or something but there are alternatives. NOW, I would and usually ALWAYS bring a veggie tray but I don't bring the CRAPPY grocery store pre packaged ones. I go to Costco and grab all fresh veggies (cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, tomato) and I cut it up and put it in a really nice platter...usually I get my nice ones from Marshalls, then I finish it with a cute bowl filled with Hummus for dipping! You can also bring a nice salad, fresh pita bread to go with the hummus, and or some sort of fruit skewers with fresh strawberry, blueberries, and pineapple! I promise then you will at least feel comfortable knowing that you can eat something on your guests menu without looking like the lady who doesn't eat! 
2. WATER, WATER, & more WATER! Make sure to drink water before go and bring YOUR water bottle if you want. I know, I know, they will have water most likely.But I drink over 1 1/2 gallons a day, and in order to make sure I do, I use GALLON jugs to keep me on track. Staying well hydrated will not only keep you happy but it will keep you full. Most of the time we are just thirsty NOT hungry! Now if you choose to drink alcohol my hubby and I always made sure we drink water after each ONE BEER...ONE glass of water. You will also ensure no hang over! 

3. USE A PLATE, NOT YOUR HANDS. Ok I know that sounds weird but I am a lover of nibbling...the grabbing of the food off the table directly into your mouth. The problem is you can't keep track of what the heck you are eating and more than likely you are eating more than the serving of one item! SO, use a plate, and put your meals on it and JUST EAT the meals you put on your plate.  In this whole bikini competition thing I have learned its not about starving yourself or depriving yourself its about CONTROLLING yourself! So control those hands and AVOID the NIBBLER montser.  

4. The Turtle Wins the Race! Sometimes my friends and family laugh at how slow I eat. Ever since this eating clean has taken over my life I swear I have never enjoyed each calorie and morsel of food as much as I do now. Not only does eating slow allow for your body to begin digesting, but in my Moroccan family, YOU EAT YOUR PLATE, and ALWAYS GET SECONDS... So as to not offend my Dad the chef...MY PLATE is always FULL. get it?
5. Eyeball your portions & Make notes. Listen, I will be real with you...lately I have been actually taking my food with me...I mean I just can't trust anyone...So yes I bust a chicen breast right out of my purse onto the plate. BUT in the case that I don't..I will actually bring my mini scale I got from Target with me and weigh that sucker. OR I will use my hands to gauge the size of the chicken breast and bust out my little inspiration notebook from Marshalls and write down my macros for the BBQ. If you don't follow Macros or know how much to eat I always tell my friends try to keep your protein at about 4 to 5 oz, veggies at a cup, and any starch at about 1/2 a cup or use your hand or fist to measure! Now, I love me some bread but see if there is an alternative like a pita, or flat bread to use instead. If not eat the potato or rice rather than the bun and it will not only fill you up but actually be a better source of carb. Saying no to carbs does not mean you wil lose weight. CARBS are actually FANTASTIC for your body. If you want the bun eat half of it...just monitor those portions! and WRITE IT DOWN!

6. Choose THIS not THAT. Choosing to use Salsa over Ketchup will save you calories and added sugar that is not necessary! Spices like pepper, salt, fresh herbs, and even hot sauce and fresh onions will be better than BBQ sauce or ranch! ok maybe not better than BBQ sauce but the empty calories are not necessary! Balsamic Vinegar is also a good choice and adds a ton of flavor! Watch the sugar in those but it is only about 2 grams at the most versus 32g!Choose veggies from your veggie tray to fill up your plate rather than the creamy slaws or chips. Chicken is going to be a better option than a hot dog, and if you can't identify what it is, PASS. Pass on anything WHITE and creamy, and avoid all the sauces if you can. Fresh salsa and some hot sauce and mustard should be just fine and super tasty! Choose fruit over ice cream sandwiches and chew some gum instead of candy. I promise all of these little choices will save you in the long run. I would rather see someone drink one beer than a mixed fruity alcoholic drink filled with sugar. Don't deprive yourself and don't punish yourself just be nice to yourself and your body will be nice to you! 

7. EAT BEFORE YOU GO.  I put this last because it doesn't seem ideal But realistically speaking a BBQ lasts well over 3 hours, and if you eat before you go you will want to eat again...except this time you will be NORMAL hungry not VICIOUS HANGRY. haha I know BBQ's are essentially about the food...but not's about being with friends and loved ones and enjoying your time. Eating clean has given me a new found meaning to events that often centered around food and alcohol. Also if you are taking something like BLISS from +1stPhorm More than likely you can control your hunger and your mood. I have noticed such a difference with this product! So use these to help you! YOU ARE IN CONTROL...and there is nothing wrong with that. You are not on a DIET, and you are not trying to be SKINNY. You want to be FIT, HEALTHY, and FULL OF ENERGY when you are 90. So tell all the BBQ HATERS that you are having a great time, and WATCH YOUR FOOD! haha oh and look totally hot in your bikini becuase YOU have been eating clean and drinking water. BAM

I hope that this helped you a little bit for this summer and this weekend, and let me know if you would like to see another helpful tips along the way! Don't forget to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel where I share my daily eating, recipes, and more! Love you guys and have a Happy 4th!


  1. Thank you Shana, I found you on you tube about 10 weeks ago and something you said about clean eating just clicked. I've lost 19 pounds and feel great. I'm doing cardio and weights along with the clean eating. You are such an awesome inspiration. Sheryl

  2. That is just cruel if they made you pose with that hot dog (plus bun!) and you couldn't eat it :( it totally made me want to run to the store and buy some.

  3. Hi Shana,

    You are such an inspiration! :)


    A fellow fitness and thrifting enthusiast


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