Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Time to Get Away

Outfit Details
Designer Jumper: c/o Marshalls
Sports Bra: c/o Marshalls
Aztec Backpack: c/o Marshalls
Report Sandals: c/o Marshalls
Scala Vintage Hat: Thrifted Goodwill Deja Blue Boutique

This past weekend the whole family geared up for our FFC trip...stands for Family Fun Cruise...but this year we went on a Canoe trip! see...it works haha It had been over 2 years since we got the family together and went on adventure and while it was only for 48 hours it was absolutely perfect! We were missing a few key people DEBBIEEEEEEEEEEEEE but we are hoping to plan one really soon...We rented an RV...haha yep you heard me...I promise we took so many pictures you will get to see this beauty real soon! haha We headed to Willow Beach and began to prepare for our Canoe trip...My family laughed a little after I asked the hubby to snap some shots of my new jumper and backpack..and of coarse my new vintage hat...I had to travel in style....always makes for fun pictures haha I was also in LOVE with this jumper...I have been really into overall/jumper type things lately and I was also IN LOVE with my new sandals thanks to Marshalls and a special Princess who picked them out. They reminded me of my sandals in 9th grade!!! Funny how wearing your 1996 BEST transports you into time...

More to come from my Canoe trip...but what I can say, is that taking time out to spend with your family is sooo important. No phones, No INTERNET, NO distraction...just laughter and lots of fun...I think another trip is in my near future....


  1. So much fun! I love family getaways!
    I love the sandals you're wearing, such a great color!

  2. Beautiful shots...and that backpack! I LOVE IT.
    Thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle:)


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