Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Weekend Getaway Style with Marshalls

Outfit Details
Fringe Kimono: c/o Marshalls
American Eagle Shorts: c/o Marshalls
Betsey Johnson Sandals: c/o Marshalls
Vintage Dooney: Thrifted Savers
Betsey Johnson Aviators: c/o Marshalls
Black Tank: Express

This was another outfit I wore on our Weekend Getaway to Willow beach! I also wore a new pair of overalls I am obsessed with in THIS post! As you can see I brought all my essentials. I really do get excited about little trips and I get the urge to wear all of the things I don't normally get to wear on my 9 to 5 job...My family doesn't always get it but hey I just think they are jealous I was traveling in style! haha I have really gotten to love my kimono from Marshalls....and these Betsey sandals are quickly becoming my go to. I am so excited to see Betsey at Marshalls you have no idea...every time I walk in there I immediately do a's like know I will love it no matter what! Have you guys planned any weekend getaways?While it wasn't for long we had a blast..I even vlogged our trip! We took tons of pics and I will share those on a future post! 

SORRY to my Thrifters Anoynmous Members that post is coming! 

If you want to see our Weekend Getaway you can watch it on my Youtube Channel below! 
Happy Summer!


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  1. Your colourful black fringed kimono from Marshalls provides a very pretty, versatile and intriguing look as an outfit centerpiece. I also enjoyed watching your YouTube video titled "Ep6: I faced some fears today #Iam1stphorm #angelintraining" from shopping to getting there to your canoeing,hiking and the pretty scenery. You look great in the still photo of you in your bikini at 8:34 in the video. You looked very relaxed for a first time canoeing.


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