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ThriftersAnonymous Link Up! Goodwill #blueparty Edition!How do you BLUE?

Thrifters Anonymous Member of the  Week is Heather of
Thrift Stories
White Birkenstocks
 Dress: Thrifted    Belt: Thrifted (Sash from another dress)    Sunglasses: Thrifted    Shoes: Birkenstock (Purchased on Ebay)

Heather...first of all is stunning and when I read Bikenstock I was making a know...THE FACE. But when I saw how she styled them I had a whole new outlook...If you guys didn't see my last poston VIONIC Shoes then check it out and it will explain everything! Thank you Heather for sharing your thrifty style and opening up our eyes to the comfort and style of the Birkenstock. You rock and I hope to see more of your thrifty styles love!Thank you for sharing! If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!Don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!!! I always try to post some finds out and about when I can...@colorblindblog

So today's post is dedicated to one of my first Thrifting obsessions and love here in Las Vegas... GOODWILL! 
I am so excited and honored to be a part of this first annual Blue Party! I will be walking the runway wearing a re-imagined design by Wanda Potter Merritt, a local fashion designer!! She is absolutely incredible and designed the gown I wore for the Dress for Success Fashion Show here a couple of weeks ago!! SO, if you are here in Vegas GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! I can't imagine a better way to spend my evening.... Fashion, Food, Live Entertainment, Vendor Booths, Auction Items and so much more! 
Sneak Peek at her design!

When I first started this Blog I was inspired by my mom... who loved fashion and loved to express herself through all things vintage. When she passed I immediately began sharing all of her beautiful things...and found my love for thrifting once again. While thrifting at a young age was for necessity I am blessed today to be able to give back to my community and volunteer on behalf of all who are in need. Goodwill is a perfect combination offering jobs to those in our community and allowing the community to give back to them. 

Thank you to Aldo Mencatto, Las Vegas fashion designer, for gathering some of the best designers in town and getting our models ready to rock the runway, as well as Jessica Milazzo and Walter Lescano for making what I think will be a party we will be celebrating for many years to come! 

SO.. Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we... my love for vintage and fashion certainly hasn't changed! Some of these pics are recent and some are over 2 years old! Enjoy my travels to Goodwill! and I will see you this Thursday at the #Blueparty 


HERE is one of my ALL TIME favorite GOODWILL finds. $4.99 Vintage Green Leather skirt... I KNOW!!! Now on to some of my Goodwill Finds I styled!

I found these shorts for $6 I think and DIY them for a Fourth of July Photoshoot with Haute Shots!!! One of my favorite DIY! Here is the video if you wanna see!

Photo by Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots Boudoir Photography!

Vintage Fur $49.99
One of my favorite blazers! $4.99

Vintage Mirror for our Fireplace! $15.00
2012-01-13 19.09.09IMG_3458
I love traveling to the Goodwill stores across the country!

From the store to my closet!
These are all items I have found at Goodwill and styled to make my own!!! 
this dress was $2!!!! Now let's take it back.. ALLLL THE WAY BACK! 
DSC02905Purse Vintage Goodwill
DSC00954Dress  Goodwillpicnikfile_u8mUgODSC07910
Vintage Green Polka Dot BlouseThe Sun
DSC07925Heels Michael Antonio Hottie
DSC09989Dress Thrifted Goodwill of S. NV

Have you gone to your local Goodwill recently? Would love to see your finds below!!! 
Some of my best friends and Goodwill Lovers!!!  You can check our our Goodwill Trip from a couple of years HERE!DSC02220

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  1. What great finds, and I know you are going to have a blast at the Blue Party just as I did at the 2014 Goodwill Runway Show in February. I love how you made each thrifted find your own. Have a wonderful week and happy holiday!

  2. That green leather skirt is so awesome! I love Goodwill too...


  3. I'm reading a lot of posts on Birks these days, they are definitely the trend now. She has the exact same Birks I had but mine is probably crumbly, last time I wore them was when I was in college.

    Amazing Goodwill items. I love my Goodwill too and so happy that I can't bear to pay retail price now. Enjoy your fashion show!

    Thank you for hosting and allowing me to share my post!

    - Karen


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