Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ready for the heat

Outfit Details
Betsey Johnson Bikini: c/o Marshalls
Lace Crop top: c/o Marshalls
American Eagle Shorts: c/o Marshalls
BCBG Heels: Marshalls (Last Year)
Hoop Earrings: Hottie Las Vegas
Kenneth Cole Bikini: Marshalls
Scalloped Shorts: c/o Marshalls
Bracelet: Thrifted
Heels: Marshalls

Both Edwina and I are seriously counting the days before the summer heat hits Vegas...and while some are dreading it...we are waaay too excited. It means tanks tops, and shorts, and outings outside...we are back into our training full force and can't wait to get lean and shredded for our new bikinis! One of our favorite things to do is go thrifting or pop into a Marshalls to see what is new. We grab a coffee and then proceed to show each other what we bought and how we would style it...we could spend hours upon hours doing this and we do! haha but having a best friend to do this with makes everything better. 

For all of my Vegas peeps there are only 2 more days to enter our $500 Shopping Spree and styling session with us HERE, and if you haven't seen us shopping in Marshalls then you are missing out...haha We just picked up these swimsuits and all that you see here if you see anything you like! Check out the video for more details, and for all of you who do not live here we have a giveaway as well!!!

Good luck, and just remember, shopping with friends and trying new things can be the best time in the world. I swear Edwina brings me confidence and re assures me that I am beautiful and strong and it doesn't help when you find something super cute to wear...heels also make us confidence and strong haha notice we are rarely wearing flats unless we are lifting weights! 

Good Luck friends! 


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