Saturday, May 17, 2014

I am going Vionic

Outfit Details
Free People Crochet Maxi: Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas (Here is the Youtube Video!Where I found this dress!)
Sandals: c/o Vionic Shoes
Hoop Earrings: Target

I know. I am wearing flats and they are NOT converse or nikes haha It is in fact rare to see me in flat shoes...but recently I am finding myself on the hunt for pairs that I can wear longer than an hour. The reality is high heels are super sexy, and make me feel good...but after 15 minutes, I never thought I would say this...but it just hurts too much..I know I know..I have become that women...but lets be real here...I workout daily, I dance twice a week, and I am a business women...which means..I am on my feet A LOT...and I need to take care of them...not only that...getting bikini competitor ready I need my back in good health too...and my heels are NOT helping in that matter... the funny thing is..and I don't know if you guys are the same way...but most FLAT shoes are just NOT comfortable...I am actually more comfortable in wedges...and I think it's because most flat shoes are made for style not comfort...

I was recently contacted by Vionic Shoes to try out their new ORTHAHEEL Technology... I told my hubby and well he laughed.. ORTHAHEEL...what are you 80...I know he was joking but he was looking at my heels I had laying on the ground and referencing the many times I buy heels that are so high I end up towering over him!  I quickly they are actually really quite cute...I mean you guys know me..I go to Marshalls for a lot of my shoes and I pay more attention on the color and style then the actual support factor of the shoe, unless they were for working out... but when I went on to Vionic Shoes I started to read a little bit more about the technology and what it really means. I am pretty sure none of my heels I buy offer "stability, relief, and support" haha can you imagine? A shoe that isn't a pair of tennis shoes doing that?

I suffer from lower back pain every once in a while and while I am deadlifting and squatting, and dancing, I quickly realized that how I was walking and standing had to do a lot with the shoes I was choosing to wear. My feet pronate thus forcing my leg to rotate internally, which causes me to curve my back... Hard to believe that these cute sandals can actually control over-pronation...and I don't have to wear a tennis shoe! I won't bore you with my aches and ailments...but bottom line is..I am completely shocked with the results and quite frankly a little embarrassed for even making fun of these types of shoes... I guess you realize that in order to reach your goals you gotta take care of your body... There are many styles to choose from and I am loving some of the wedges, like THIS pair. of coarse the name Vionic is WAAY cooler than Orthaheel...but no matter what the body is waaay more important and I hoping to keep moving well past 80 ;O)

So, take a moment to check them out...they are an investment...much like your heels...but for me an investment in my well being seems to be on my top priority list as of late, and I honestly can't wait to get me another more walking hunched over with my heels in my hand...I will save my heels for a sit down dinner party or photos..haha I will keep the Vionic for walking.
I will be entering the #solestory Contest on their site for a chance to win and you can to! Just CLICK HERE for more information on how you can share your #SOLESTORY! 
Hope you enjoyed mine...I will share my ENTRY soon with you guys so stay tuned!!! 
P.S. You can disregard the dog hair...I walked them in the shoes ;O)
Keep a look out for my #solestory on both of my channels.

Thank you to Vionic shoes for sending me this pair for review. Sometimes we discover things we never would have ever looked at to begin with and I am grateful I can share it with my friends and followers. 

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