Tuesday, May 20, 2014


We are at it again! I know I typically reserve our shopping trips for Mondays Link Up, but this week is a little special so I thought I would share our recent trip to Deja Blue Boutique a higher end of Goodwill of Southern Nevada! This is my first time at this boutique and Edwina's second... You can watch our trip, dressing room shenanigans and what we got on my youtube channel Thrifters Anonymous below!

The dress section had to be the best part of this boutique...from vintage to new, we found some incredible pieces!!
There were not a lot of shoes, but I can see that this would be a great place to pop in once in a while to see what shoes they do have! these Steve Madden Snakeskin were my favorites!

Now it is over 80 degrees in Vegas right now but you know we had to stop by the coats...there was a whole rack of vintage fur and we were waaay too excited!

This is my " I don't need this vest"  I need this vest VEST. haha

Then it was time to try everything on!

This authentic silk robe was so pretty...I was really sad to leave this behind.... 

Loved the colors!

BCBG Trench dress! 

Vintage Sequin...YES

I found Edwina this David Meister Dress..I found one online for over $250....this dress was $19.99 I would say this is a good find!

This vintage dress was so cute...but it was so vintage that the cups were all messed up! haha

Sequin tank and gold skirt...so cute!

I was in love with this hat!! Vintage...and this dress...oh this dress!


This gold lace dress was my favorite....makes me want to have a fancy party!

Steve Madden Wedges....:O(

Cute tank!

Here are some of our favorites!


Thank you Dejablue...we had a wonderful time...we will be back!!! If you are in Vegas check it out! I would say you are bound to find something unique and possibly a designer you have always wanted!!! If you want to see what else we found and what we got watch our trip!!! 

And if you live here in Vegas, Don't forget to get your tickets to The Blue Party this Thursday!!! Both Edwina and I will be there, food, drinks, fashion runway show, and so much more!!! 



  1. I really enjoyed your movie. I am in Canada and I watched all your movies especially the longer ones that I usually watched more than once. Edwina is very funny, I think DYI is very funny and she said it very naturally. You will not believe that I usually watch them with my husband. I hope some day I can visit you guys because we go to Las Vegas often. Thank you very much for sharing your shopping experiences.

  2. Can't wait to read all about this wonderful event1


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