Friday, April 25, 2014

My ThredUP X Collection: Summer Dress Loves

ThredUP X Collection Summer Dresses

If you guys have not heard, ThredUP one of my favorite online shops...has curated a Designer Label Collection!! We all know I am an avid Thrifter...and sometime people will say oh I HATE thrift Shops...but what is a thrifter really? A Thrifter is a BARGAIN shopper...from Retail stores like Marshalls, TJ MAXX, to thrift stores like Savers and Goodwill.. ThredUP has taken both worlds and created a home ONLINE for BARGAIN shoppers like me to go shopping. And lets face it...every once in a while you want to get your hands on a designer item...and some of these dresses retail at over $400!!! So for $89 I would say that  is a deal. These are some of my favorite designers and some of these pieces are vintage meaning a past season and some are fairly new. Either way these are my favorites right now. Have you guys gotten anything from ThredUP recently? I am still in love with my pieces, I wear them on a daily basis!

I think I will try and do this once a week where I pick some of my favorites in the shop. They go fast so once I post it make sure to check the sizes and see if it is a perfect match :O) You can visit my Summer Dresses Picks HERE as there are a lot more designers and dresses to chose from!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!!! 


  1. That Rebecca Taylor Dress (number 2) looks pretty. Although the particular dresses shown may not be my taste (and I don't like DVF at all), I do generally love most of the designs by Betsey Johnson and a number of the expensive blouses designed by Alice + Olivia that I've seen on Nordstrom's website. I'm sure it would be worth my while taking a look at what ThreadUP has in stock.


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