Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You can never have enough sequins...EVER

Outfit Details
Vintage Sequins: c/o Vintage Swank
Shorts: Thrifted Goodwill
Heels: Target
Ring: Jewelmint

I know. I know. The sleeves...the color...SEQUINS. Between my friend Edwina and I, we both have enough sequins to cover a cheer leading squad. Every time we have to let one go it hurts the same...I know..you would think one would have enough sequins but I am not sure there is such a thing. When I got this vintage beauty from Vintage Swank I squealed...my hubby looked at me and goes "umm don't you have like 15 of those tops" UM NO...NO vintage sequin top is alike...and this one is hands down one of my favorites...it's actually surprisingly light in weight...and the colors just scream Summer...ok maybe they don't scream...but they definitely get your attention...I love the pink...and I love the sleeves...I swear each blouse like this tells a story and while my love for thrifting is evident...another reason I love it so much is that each is so unique and so individual... I am sooo impressed with this sites sequin collection...dresses...blouses....and this one was in such good condition...I mean even the shoulder pads were kept well haha 

So if you find that you never see these at the thrift store or maybe they are priced way too high...head on over to Vintage Swank and take a bid at one of these lovelies...you will not be disappointed...I promise! Don't forget to also head on over to American Fashion Fox their other online collection! 


  1. I'm with you, bring on the sequins! I never met one I didn't like. Great top, great post!

  2. I love ornate sequined and embroidered blouses like the beautiful vintage sequined top you discovered at Village Swank! I've always hesitated to buy them because I'm concerned about the care of them. Once in a while I simply can't resist. You must be an expert at the proper care of clothing. Your blouse is gorgeous! Thanks for the tips on where to find beautiful sequined fashions!


  3. I don't do much sequins but I love that top it's a beauty. Fab look!

  4. Girl...you can definitely rock that 'Golden Girls' 80's sequin top!! Love it on you, on me...well, let's just say because I'm over 50 I would look like one of the 'Golden Girls! ;-)


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