Saturday, March 15, 2014

Squats, chucks, and t-shirts

Outfit Details
T-Shirt: Thrifted Savers
Sports Bra: c/o Marshalls
Kyodan Brand Capris: c/o Marshalls
Converse: c/o Marshalls
Jessica Simpson Cat Eye Sunglasses: c/o Marshalls
Sprout Watch:c/o Sprout Watches

So I have a confession...I may or may not be obsessed with cutting every and any t-shirt in sight...haha Seeing as I am in workout clothes about 80% of my life I have come to the conclusion that I will always try my best to look cute or well feel cute rather...these were taken yesterday... #getyourbootyupfriday if you follow me on Instagram... I always wear my chucks to do legs...side want to make sure you have a flat shoe to activate your booty and really get the proper form for your leg workouts...try it..once you do you won't want to wear your tennis shoes for leg day again...oh and look at all the body builder will see them with chucks on too..

anyway back to my t-shirt cutting obsession I bought this like pizza cutter tool at Michaels except for material and I can't stop slicing everything haha I really don't care to do any special slicing...or funky designs I just want them to look like this...haha This one wasall of $1.50 and let me tell you they always go very well with my Marshalls pieces...since that is the only other place I shop for workout will be seeing more of my workout clothes and cut up t-shirts...let that be a warning. Love you guys! Have a good weekend!


  1. That Sports Bra from Marshalls you're wearing in these photos is a GORGEOUS shade of pink!!! I'm always trying to locate nylon full briefs in that colour, generally without success. Your sports bra is so pretty I can see why you would want to cut or alter your t-shirts to show it off. That pizza cutter tool sounds like a seamstresses must-have gadget. You're obviously in fabulous shape. That must add to the enjoyment when you're out thrifting and see how fabulous all the clothes look on you.

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