Thursday, March 06, 2014

Magical Madness Strips on the Strip

We exist in the world of imagination, the time in which dreams come true, where reality holds still for just one moment, where magic lies in the madness.

So, this past Saturday our dance company, Magical Madness Dance Theater, led the morning stretch before the first annual Strip on the Strip here in Las Vegas!

We had a booth...our first booth and were so excited to be a part of such an incredible cause! We have been dedicated to the community all year and are having a blast! 

The Race was benefiting the US. Vets and everyone racing donated clothes right off their back! It was awesome!

We are now working on some really exciting projects that we can not wait to announce! I am so blessed to have meet these women and men ;o) and I can not wait to see what this year will bring!

We are currently in the middle of a fundraiser where YOU can help support the Madness!! We are selling apparel (t-shirts, hoodies) that will essentially help us raise money! If we reach out goal we will get $350 to go towards our next community project! You can visit the link HERE to check it out! We have sold 29 and we only need to sell 75!!! If we don't reach out goal you will not get charged if we do, you will get this awesome t-shirt seriously haha.. Please share the link and spread the magic! All of your support means so much and we hope that if you ever come out to Vegas or live here you will come see us! We also just finished our Mission statement and a website is coming soon! Until then, Check us out on FACEBOOK HERE! If you do , please leave a message and let them know I sent you!!! Love you guys! Here is the video we did below for the event! More video of us actually performing to come...we have a fun project!!! Previews and more on or INSTAGRAM!

Magical Madness Dance Theater

Dedicated to artistic excellence in dance, Magical Madness is committed to creating a lasting impact through the magic and madness of dance in the Las Vegas area, regional, and national level. Magical Madness Dance Theater’s mission is to spread the magic of dance throughout the community; through workshops, master classes, showcases, choreography therapy, and production pieces. We aspire to bring dance to life through collaborations with diverse artists; sculptors, musicians, composers, photographers, videographers, painters, circus performers, and designers. We strive to build the bridge between professional dance companies and the community.


  1. I love the tutus, the flapper dresses and, of course, the dancing and leaping - you're very talented :)


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