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Confessions of a Boudoir Spokesmodel: Finding the right bra for the right fit

Well hello there lovelies. Today we are going to talk about BRAS and Breasts...he he he I know, it's a little racy but heck...we all wear bras...and well some of us should any way...haha I am absolutely in love with these photos from my recent shoot with Haute Shots Boudoir Photography for WPPI here in VEGAS!!! In these photos I am actually wearing a set from H&M, yep...and it fits incredibly well AND I feel sexy...AND it was a total of $20. More on that below. To see more of the shoot head on over to Stacie Fraziers blog where she recaps our adventure and showcases some of her best work yet...I may be partial since I am in the pics haha but really...Stacie is on FIRE and I am so excited to see what this next year will bring! One of the best boudoir photographers around...hands down. Now on to bras!

It is no secret that women wear bras...and it is no secret that with the amount of styles, brands, and sizes of women there can imagine the confusion that sets in when on the hunt. I don't particularly have a hard time when looking for supportive bras if you know what I mean.. TOO much information maybe? Well, haha then you might want to stop reading now. I know so many women who do struggle though and have to actually custom order their bras to get the right fit and even still are not happy! Since working as the Haute Shots Boudoir Photography Spokes model I have found myself on a hunt more often than before...and through the examination of pictures I have discovered what kind of bra I like to WEAR and what kinda of bra I like to be photographed in.

I know it sounds a little odd...but what I have come to discover is that if the bra is comfortable and fits your body it doesn't mean it is giving your BREASTS the appropriate support or even look that you want. I was given an opportunity to chat with Tomima Edmark, founder of, an online lingerie boutique, where women of all sizes can shop for intimates, shapewear, sleepwear, even sexy lingerie and swimwear from over 200 name brands. With photographs of each item, from every point of view and even a tab that allows you to see what the bra would look like with different literally don't have to leave your house to shop. You might know Tomima from the ever so famous Topsy Tail...I had hair down to my butt growing up and this was my mother's best kept secret! Tomima took a few minutes to chat with me about bras and how HerRoom has brought the frustrating world of ill fitting bras to a holt and enabled women to find EXACTLY what they are looking for.She knew that she could help women of all sizes look and feel more confident by helping and educating them.

I, like most women, often don't like change...for a while I would just go to Victorias Secret grab the same "t-shirt" bra that fit me last time..spend $45 and leave with a free tote I will never use and a random lotion that has sparkles in it. Don't get me wrong..VS has beautiful lingerie and bras but there is a world outside of it...I also realized that they don't necessarily use the same sizing standards as other manufacturers so that is why you find that you may be one size there but not the same at other places...or maybe I just need to measure myself every time... If you don't know how to measure Click below and you will see EXACTLY how to measure yourself.
Most of you know I am a lover Designer finds at  Discounted Deals...With more designers reaching the local discounted retailers like Marshalls, H&M and Target...women have access to those brands we love and can now say YES to them. There is definitely a sense of confidence you get when you are wearing a bra you feel supported in and SEXY in...and why can't you have both? Now I know that a bra is an investment and while I love deals, I usually find myself splurging on undergarments...with an occasional H&M and Marshalls find.
And while most find that it is not the same value I beg to differ...since I am in these garments more than the average women I will say that some of my favorites are from discounted retailers...but that doesn't go without saying, that YOU MUST have a foundation of bras in your closet that fit your breast size...and thank you to Tomima for creating this Chart below that will help you go after the  bra you are looking for.
Tomima has specifically layed out which bra works for which breast size and how the bra will, for lack of better words, display your one ever talks about that really...I mean a push up bra is obvious since it screams cleavage...but did you know that a T-shirt bra typically is geared toward more conical breasts...too much info again? no but really...this little graphic above has me thinking alot about my breasts haha and well has you guys thinking about my breasts now too....that just got awkward...either way...I am heading over to HerRoom to try some on. You are going to love the SEE IT UNDER side bar...It will literally show you what that bra looks like underneath a button down, scoop neck, v-neck...I hope to have more of a formal interview with Tomima and let you guys know how HerRoom worked...but until then let me know how you guys feel about this topic and if I am the only one that hasn't really experimented with different types of bras. Thank you Tomima for your time and I will be back with what kind of BRA fits my Breast type...haha in case you wanna know.
You can check out Tomima's blog HERE! She just wrote a great article about why you SHOULD wear a bra...check it out! and share the love let her know I sent you!

I will keep you guys posted!
If you love the body chain here is a similar one for $6!


  1. I love Tomima Edmark and HerRoom!
    The topic is one I'm familiar with as I follow a number of people who specialise in bra fitting or in being fitted.
    I'm very flattered that so many of them follow me on Twitter including @HerRoom (Thanks Tomima)!
    I know it's important for the gore to sit flat against your chest and not dig into you or leave a space - to have the proper cup and band size.
    I'm sure you will find the experience of being fitted pleasurable.
    The bra you are wearing in the lovely photo by Haute Shots Boudoir Photography is lovely and you look lovely showcasing it.
    Thank you for letting your readers (including me) see how lovely the lingerie can be.

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