Thursday, March 27, 2014

Compression Obsession

Outfit Details
Athletics8 Racer Back Tank: c/o The Marena Group
Athletics8 Capris: c/o The Marena Group
Nike Shoes: Marshalls

I have to admit, when I get contacted by a company to review a product or in this case wear a certain product I am always hesitant as I will typically not show it or review it if I don't feel as though it is any good...I was contacted by the Marena group a couple of months back and I was able to choose a few pieces from their Athletics8 collection. I was pretty excited since I spend 90% of my time in workout gear. 
I hadn't heard about this company so I did a little research. What I found out was not only does the Marena group make these exclusively patented compression garments but they are more well known for their Body Shaping line Vera heard me! umm so naturally I was intrigued...I mean a company that makes body shaping anything that also makes workout clothes has to be all about SHAPING THIS BODY! 
I received the top and the capris fairly quickly and I immediately wore the capris to the gym that night. At first I wasn't sure how this was gonna go...but I knew...that NOTHING was moving...haha I was like a nicely packed sausage in those capris...after about 30 minutes of my workout I noticed they were starting to settle in...hard to explain but I was feeling like they were opening up if you will...and not as restricting...I was also not used to any sort of pants that literally allowed for now JIGGLE or WIGGLE room if you know what I mean...I think I was more confident running that track than I had ever been before...
The tank was my next test and well that one wasn't as easy. I tried to get it on but the small was a tad too tight...I probably could have gotten it on but I am almost positive I would have needed reinforcement to remove I contacted Marena Group and they sent me a Medium! umm so awesome right...I mean these pieces are not cheap let me tell you but I will say this, I may be a thrifter but when it comes to my hair, my make up, or my workout gear, I am willing to invest...did I mention shoes...haha hey that is what I have Marshalls for. 
Anyway back to the tank..I wore it actually with the pants to go for a HIIT ( High Intesity Interval Training)  special I had been wanting to do over the weekend. I don't want to sound over dramatic but I kinda felt like I was a super hero....haha I know...not quite but I was FLYING when I was if all my muscles were where they needed to be...all I needed was those feet shoes and I could have been NAKED...ok...Almost naked...but you get what I mean. I am sure I could wear the tank separately with shorts as it starts to get warmer but I feel like I have more POWER when they are together haha I know...I get way to excited for this stuff...
I honestly never thought I would want to wear anything that mentions medical grade COMPRESSING anything on me...until I met Athletics8. I had no idea that COMPRESSION material was meant to aid in your holding your muscles in the ideal postiion as you move while your circulatory system is reaping the benefits...who knew...Aside from keeping you cool and bacteria free..unlike cotton...there was actually a clinical study they quote that there is a "27% reduction of impact of force by Atgeltics8 garments maintaining specific levels of compression. I mean crap...I wish I could wrap my whole body in this stuff...My ankles and knees are starting to give me problems when I sprint...and this could be my solution. 

Anyway, all in all I must say my eyes have been open to a whole new world of Compression....and I am happy to say that on my HITT days and Sprinting days I am sporting my A8 as they call them...I am wanting to now try the sports bra...I mean..can you imagine...haha I don't have a lot going on up there if you know what I mean but I can imagine that it would be a good idea to compress it. SO, if you are looking for workout clothes that hold you in, keep you cool, and well make you feel like a super hero...then check these guys out. Did I say they have UVP protection? I know!!! haha I live in's important.

I will see if they can offer a discount code to all of you to try them out...I am sure these will last me years to come...let me know if you guys have any questions...and if you want to see more reviews like this! I am working on a video for my Health and Fitness Youtube channel Shana Emily as well!




  1. You look like you are in fabulous shape to begin with and you look fabulous in these photos. Unfortunately with the compression clothing being black it's harder to see the shadows and contours as well. I would have loved to see a video of you running track in the Marena Group Racer Back Tank and Athletics8 Capris after 30 minutes of your workout. I could use some compression myself but haven't been working out at all. Can they be worn just using the television chanel changer while on the couch? I'm so lazy! Would these compression clothes be okay for wearing by couch potatoes like me?

  2. You're making me want to get up and work out right now. Great athletic clothes!

  3. Looking good mama, stay healthy and stay in shape!


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