Monday, March 17, 2014

Better Late then Never...

Outfit Details
White T-shirt: c/o Persunmall
Chambray Shirt: Thrifted Savers
Liquid Leggings: c/o Persunmall
Studded Booties: Zara On a major sale!
Vintage Jacket: Thrifted Savers
Vintage Dooney: Thrifted Dress for Success
Tassle Necklace: Target
Ring: My mom's

I must say...I am always a tad bit late to the trendy train...probably why I am an avid thrifter and I am totally ok with wearing something NOT on trend and quite possibly never was....Liquid leggings came out and all the fashionistas who weren't afraid to wear one size fits all rocked the heck out of them..I looked from afar and convinced myself that I couldn't pull them off...Over a year and half later I found some on a site called Persunmall that was introduced to me and I said...heck...let's try these suckers out...ummmm so I may not look like all the ladies who have been rocking them..but I am not gonna lie...for $5 these suckers are now becoming my go to pants...who needs sweat pants when you can look like you are wearing leather! haha I am going to try these out for a few weeks and get back to you...but for now...let's just hubby thought they looked hot and I kinda felt I'm gonna sit with it for a while...or strut...whichever....I am also trying to add some color since I can't stop with the black and white...but at least I changed my shirt from grey to white right? That's something...

If you guys missed it, I posted our most recent thrifting trip HERE! You guys are gonna love this one!!!!!



  1. They are cute, I couldn't wear them out without a long tunic but you are definitely rockin them right!

  2. VERY cute! I love a good pair of leggings/skinny pants. Go girl!


  3. You really rock those Persunmall Liquid Leggings with the Persunmall white T-shirt. I'm not at all surprised that you look so fabulous in that outfit - you're in amazing shape. I'm surprised you waited so long to rock the trend, but now that you have there's no doubt that your hubby is right. By all means, rock on!

  4. J'adore ton sweater! Tres jolie!


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