Tuesday, February 25, 2014

That one time I made you wear hats and take silly pictures..

Well if you couldn't tell, I love me a theme, and more than anything I love me some hats and a photo booth! My hubby put this little set up together and it was perfection!So if you are having a party call him! seriously haha I knew my sombrero and paper glasses and mustaches would come in handy! Both my father and I had such an incredible time! Debbie hand crafted the decor and made a candy station and popcorn station and everyone loved it! She was the mastermind behind this shindig...and it could not have been more perfect.We had a band play from a local arts high school and they seriously sounded like a cross between Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble...one of my best friends Jolana sang while my sister played the piano..I had friends who traveled from California and I couldn't have been more happy...I can honestly say that while I am always striving for better and wanting to do better I am so happy and thankful for this life...and those who are in it. I got some of the most amazing presents! If you haven't seen I vlogged it on my youtube channel, you can check it out HERE!

I was thinking about this the other day... in your 20's you are not sure what the heck you are doing...you are looking for "jobs"to pay the bills and ideas of what you want to do...you are looking for love in all the WRONG places...and staying up waaay to late....in your 30's you have finally given up on pretending about what you want and just decide that you will go for it...you find that partner you want to share all those ridiculous ideas and you settle into a "CAREER"...THEN....THEN....half way in your 30's you realize what you are TRULY good at...and crap...it becomes all you think about...and while a career has brought you to this point...you realize that your PASSION will carry you through... I have never been so sure of what I love and how I want to live in this life...and while this year I hope to reconnect with friends who have all found their path...the beauty is...they will always be right there beside you just as you would to them...kids...no kids...long distances...tragedy's...there is something beautiful when you are 34...and yep...that is where I am at RIGHT NOW...THANK YOU to my family and friends who made this day incredible and to a year filled with more dreams...Thank you to all of YOU as well...this blog has helped me find me if that makes any sense...and while I don't actually communicate with a lot of you...I know that we are all on the same page...your comments and emails bring me so much joy....if I can inspire and motivate just one person like all of you do to me...then I feel complete.

Love you guys! and to all my friends! Here are the pictures from the photo booth! haha



  1. this is awesome! your husband did a great job! looks like you all had fun!

  2. What a fantastic time and only 34 - gurl your have a long way to go and I'm sure there is more excitement in store for you!!!

  3. HAHAHA These are super hilarious!

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