Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Give me Kisses

Outfit Details
Scarf: c/o Marshalls
Vintage leather jacket: Thrifted Dress for Success
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Kelsey Dagger Booties: Marshalls
Rings: H&M
Crusty Nails: ME..I did those haha

This week has tried me more then ever....actually this whole month...I am in healthcare and well the state of our system is a disaster...I am trying to stay positive but man there are some ugly people in this world. My dad sent me a text the other day and it said 
" Success is never permanent, and failure is never final"
yep...and life is short...while stress creeps in every so is soooo important to enjoy this life. This post was supposed to go up yesterday....#worldcancerday but my day didn't even involve getting out of my chair to get a drink of water..I ate one meal and missed my workout...I know I have control over it but I love my clients and I would do anything for here it is a day late... but more importantly helping those who are fighting this ugly disease more and more people are affected...and they are getting closer to home...I recently found out a friend was just diagnosed...and while we don't talk...I have been following her can happen to any one of us...and it is so important to raise awareness and live each day to its fullest...I am reminded.... So I went home asked my puppies, my cats, and my hubby to give me kisses and was ready to start a new day...because I am blessed to have one.
You can check out my friends blog here...she is a strong and powerful women...make sure to send her some love!


  1. Love the up-close pic of your lips & the scarf! That color is sooo pretty :)

  2. I love your lipstick and your lip print scarf from Marshalls! I love the colour, your lipstick looks perfect, the colours match perfectly, and the lip print scarf would be perfect to wear on Valentine's Day! I like your H&M rings and your nailpolish too.


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