Tuesday, February 04, 2014

ColorblindFIT: Get a good stretch

Outfit Details
Pullover: c/o Marshalls
Racer Back Top: c/o Athletics8
Capris: c/o Athletics8
Nike: Marshalls

Part of my whole "I WANT" list I wrote in the beginning of the year was focused on trying new things...and one of them was YOGA....See I danced for over 15 years....and dance and YOGA go hand in hand..the problem is I found weights and kickboxing and fell in love...which left little time for stretching... probably the only thing we did in ballet for 10 years! I have loved this whole YOGA and stretching situation I am addicted we even tried anti gravity yoga....took some pictures and will post them later this week. 

Anyway, moral of the story is...get a good stretch...before or after or whatever...people always have their opinion but I look at it like this...one of the days you work out should be focused on stretching out your muscles...we are so consumed with burning calories and pumping iron we forget that our muscles need to be stretched and loose to grow....so give it a rest...and GET A GOOD STRETCH ON! 

A litte on my workout swag. These pants were sent to me by the Marena group...and I have NEVER had workout clothes like this...it's almost like I could slip on a slinky black dress over it and they work like spanx! haha I mean if you ever had an insecurity about running and jiggling everywhere...GET THESE PANTS....I promise your booty won't move and you will want to jump up and down like a little kid...more on this brand to come...but I have been wearing them now for a little over a month and I am here to say that they are a staple in my workout wardrobe...


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