Sunday, February 16, 2014


Black and White

The weather has been so off and on lately and well my schedule is ridiculous. The hubby has been working days and nights and well that leaves me with no photographer to show my outfits...and let me be totally honest fora second...I have literally worn the same pants to work for 3 days straight...not much to show I guess....I don't think anyone noticed but I need it to end soon...needless to say I don't have too many exciting outfits!

SO I was recently introduced to an online shop called PersunMall. Late to the game as always most of you have probably already heard of them...being the thrift addict I am I perused the site and then found reviews from all over the world...for the most part it seems to be a cross of H&M and Forever 21...which I am totally ok with...see having vintage, designer, and a mix of trendy pieces can make for an awesome wardrobe...the prices are really cheap and I am curious to see the I chose the pieces that inspired me...and what do you know...everything is black and white...and a little grey....aside from a red or pink lip this has been my color palette this Fall and I am totally ok with it...loving the edgy chic vibe to the clothing and will let you know how they are once I get the pieces I am ordering in...and from my living room is awesome when you are lazy like me right now. Off to thredUP to see what is new...and don't forget to sign up for the thredUPx launch for the designer items! 


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