Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making Movies: Behind the scenes ACTION ACTION REACTION


Last weekend was filled with so many special projects...and THIS was one of them. If you are new to my blog then you you probably don't know that one of our dreams is to become action stars...haha among other things...and last year Edwina, my hubby and a cast and crew filled with some of the most talented people in Vegas filmed ACTION ACTION! Something incredible came from one idea and it took off! Nominated for Best breakout Action stars (my hubby and I) Second Runner up for best Martial Arts Sequence and so much more at the Action on Film Festival in LA, Winner of the Audience award here in one of Nevada's Film's all awesome...SO...why not do it again?

Starring the new Land Rover Evoque...I got to personally drive this little speed monster in a car chase scene that had me more excited than I ever thought I could be in a car! haha This BEAST topped 95 in 10 seconds! haha Seriously...and it felt like I was going 35....small enough to feel in control and fast enough to feel like a rebel...this is a nice start to a beautiful movie in the making.

All you see above are some of the cast and crew that help make our dreams possible...we were missing a few key people...i,e. Edwina and Adam Z...and so much stay tuned as we embarque on what I think will be an even more KICK A** movie coming to you!

and if you haven't seen the first you go!!! If you want to keep track of our movie making and more Like BLACKRAVEN FILMS on Facebook and subscribe to our youtube Black Raven FILMS TV!! Thank you guys for all of your support and Thank you to all of the cast, crew, and Land Rover for making this possible...Special thank you to London Mace of Heavy Honey for capturing the moment...

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