Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dreamin... I WANT list of 2014, my kind of resolutions

Photography by Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots, Make Up by Kat Ludens of Hera Beauty and Hair by Rachel Bates of Hera Beauty, Styling by me!
More pics from this shoot can be found HERE

So every year I sit down and write all the things I want for the upcoming might have seen my DREAMS list on Instagram with my hubby...most people call them resolutions...but I often think trying to change something or WORK towards something seems way harder then just writing down what you WANT...the end result...what is ultimately the reason why you want to dad taught me this little trick and I have to seems to be here it no particular order...and randomly spread...

I WANT balance. I know...not the easiest maybe a more balanced lifestyle... Family, Fitness, Fashion, Finance...haha the 4 F's
I WANT to laugh more with my husband. We laugh...but most of the time things are pretty serious or on the go...we definitely need more silliness...
I WANT to try new things in fitness, YOGA, Kickbox, etc... I always stick with one thing and don't often vetnure off into new running...gonna explore new ways of getting fit! YOGA especially since I really need to start relaxing and stretching more!
I WANT to get organized, ALL rooms of the house... I need to get it together...this year will be the year of organizing for me!
I WANT to travel more... would love to go to Israel to see my family...I also REALLY want to visit Japan and Australia!
I WANT a new website/blog I really want to make this blog here more user friendly so you guys can find workouts, meals, and fashion inspiration...
I WANT to take more dance classes...I need to really start dancing more..I am in a company but I need to make it part of my weekly routine as well as rehearsals...
I WANT to learn how to sew...not only to make things from all of my vintage finds...but to sew clothing like my mom did for us as we were growing up...
I WANT my dad to teach me all of his secret cooking dad was a chef and is an incredible cook...but more importantly I want all the recipes we grew up with as kids in my arcenol...I would hate for them to be lost forever!
I WANT a trophy in my category in a bodybuilding show. I always get asked if I am going to compete again..I haven't quite figured out what I want from it...but what I do know is I love pushing my body and seeing the changes...the strength...and who knows...if I can inspire someone else...then I will keep going! but I do want to get Top WILL happen this year!
I WANT each room in our home to have a purpose...sometimes I feel like our house gets mumbled up and all confused...I want them each to be complete...and with a purpose...and totally chic too...haha
I WANT my own TV/Reality take my love for fashion, thrifting, and share it with the world. Specifically...I would love to have our YOUTUBE channel turn into a TV SHOW! Where we take women...and even men and help them not only explore fashion but explore who they really are...and help them find their style...on a REAL budget....Ain't nobody has $5,000 for a new wardrobe...haha
I WANT to start taking sponsors for this here's so weird to me that you could actually make  a living on what you love to do...nothing extra...just love...interesting...
I WANT to implement DATE NIGHT once a week...we used to do this...but for some reason it just disappeared...
I WANT to walk the dogs every other week... my hubby has mastered this task...eversince I saw my Sampson almost die I have just been soanxious on walks and such...I am so worried they will hurt themselves I don't enjoy them having fun...
I WANT to film more videos for my youtube channel...I have loved filming videos and I want to do it more...period.
I WANT to see my friends who don't live here MORE...and to those who live here... all of us have different schedules and for a while I was the one coordinating a weekly meet up I stopped and contact...I guess sometimes you have to initiate what you WANT!
I WANT to learn photoshop.. I seriously need to learn..I don't edit any of my blog photos unless they are someone elses photos..I mean I guess that is a good guys are seeing me how I am...veiny...wrinkly and all! haha but I gotta learn.. I also..
I WANT to learn Premier Cut Pro so I can really edit my youtube videos and get more creative...
I WANT a family dinner or gathering once every week...we used to do this but after my mom passed it just kinda disappeared...
I WANT be a stylist...or to be able to start helping other women with their styling whether it is their own closet or going out and getting a new one...and create a business out of it... I also want to work on photoshoots...but honestly I LOVE being behind the camera too! haha crap...
I WANT to get my NASM training license...not sure if I actually want to be a trainer but
I WANT to go on more auditions...I probably should get an agent...but I think I really want to get back into acting...and such...we shall see.
I WANT to start selling some of my pieces to make room for new need to go to good homes haha
I WANT to create an art piece for my home..something I created and painted..not sure what yet

Man I could seriously just keep going... but I will stop here...have you guys tried's kinda fun and when you get going you start getting all crazy and wanting things you never thought you would ever say out loud!



  1. I love this list. I think I can relate to most of your wants, especially wanting balance and to travel more. Here's to making all these wants come true, my dear!


  2. I have to make one of these lists as well! It was so inspiring to read yours. And you looks amazing in those photos!!:)

  3. I can relate to date night for sure. That was our resolution for this year and getting my house together! Have you checked out Vegas Hot or Phase 1 for classes?


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