Saturday, December 07, 2013

Project Home: Shana's Schweet Shop...a dessert table for your guests...

So what's funny about my incessant need to have a dessert table is up until about a year ago I HATED cake...wanted nothing to do with frosting and anything sweet minus the salt was not for me...well here is the funny thing about a CLEAN EATING's so FREAKING clean...that rice is now sweet and my gum has turned into an addiction...I crave pound cake daily and dream of FLAKY PIE crust....haha Something about a fun dessert table filled with guests goodies and home made treats that make me happy...Between Vintage shops, family heirlooms and Marshalls...I can set up a pretty darn cute dessert table...i.e. Shana's Schweet Shop...haha My family expects this at every party and I hope I deliver! 

What you see above: 
My EAT sign was a GASP in the store purchase at Marshalls...I had been on the hunt for old letter to make this very sign and there it was all together..I love it....that along with my owl book end...

All the small plates and polka dot bowls are from Marshalls! I LOVE LOVE their entertaining section more than you hubby often wonders what the heck I am doing with all of these girly bowls...

and then...and then we have the pie stands and plate stands...I also got those at Marshalls...those things can be expensive...but I think I paid like $5 on sale! 

Mason jars are all thrifted and the table cloths were vintage finds and my grandmas lace table cloth used at Hannukah! 

The suitcase is also a vintage find and I love using to hold the plates, napkins and forks etc...the strawberry napkins are seriously vintage passed down from my hubby's grandma...I loved being able to use all of these things to host the family...

So I suggest and highly recommend a dessert table..I always have chocolate to dip your goods in also...haha even though I couldn't partake in NOT A SINGLE brought so much joy to watch everyone else...haha I will get to treat myself next week...and I am looking forward to it. BRING ON THE PIE CRUST! haha 

Hope you guys get inspired as do I and please share your holiday decorating with me! #thriftersanoynmous @colorblindblog I would love to see!


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