Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My Style...

Vintage Chic

So as the new year approaches and well another birthday....where I officially get closer to the age I thought was sooooo old...I was excited to have been asked to be a part of the Brilliant Earth Personal Style challenge. I don't often do these actually let me rephrase..I NEVER do these...and usually don't even know how to answer this type of question...but when it comes to my style I am literally all over the place...I could probably put 1,000 of these things together but I tried to just quickly pick what inspired me right away and voila! haha ummm I's all over the place...and not everyone likes my style...including me sometimes haha I even ask myself...why do you like these chunky shoes or over sized blazers...but there is something about each detail that just attracts me...There were several styles to choose from and I must say I am a nice mixture of all of them...Who knows...maybe it will change after my birthday...but for now you will always see me choose vintage or vintage inspired jewelry, Rocker elements when it comes to my shoes and clothing...and chic touches of anything that pull it together. 

Sometimes it is fun to take these challenges as you are surprised at what will inspire you and how you see yourself. You can check out Brilliant Earths Pinterest page to see more bloggers and how they see their personal style as well as check out the ethically sourced diamond rings and engagement rings on the Brilliant Earth website. 

What is your style? Do you guys know ? Has it changed?

Stay tuned! Putting some New Years Outfits together and I am going to need your help!

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