Thursday, November 28, 2013

Taking Stock...Thanksgiving Style

Making : my home warm and inviting for our whole family...furry and all to enjoy together. THANKSGIVING is an all night affair at the Dahan-Kilbourn's Casa.
Cooking : Turkeys and Turnips. We host a potluck at our home on Saturday the week of Thanksgiving where everyone brings their specialty. My dad makes the BEST gravy in town, and my aunt wins for crusty stuffing with pecans...I make a carrot and turnip treat that is infused with maple syrup and turkey bacon...while I won't get it to try it this will still be amazing.
Drinking : Lots of tea...our family is Morroccan and tea is like bread to gotta have a cup.
Reading: Nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing. With Sampson being sick and work being ridiculous, I have barely had time to sleep...any book recommendations? Would love to get into something soon.
Wanting: to spend as much time laughing and sharing stories with my family this Saturday. I look forward to nothing more.
Looking: to finally make each room in our home complete. I have been on a mission to make this place more like home and add personal touches a long the way.
Playing: lots of games all night Saturday while roasting marshmellows and wearing parkas in the Vegas gets to about 20 degrees with wind Thanksgiving week believe it or not. 
Wasting: time cuddling with our labs when we should be doing something else. Really appreciating the time and knowing it won't last forever.
Sewing: new pillows and possibly redoing a few chairs for our living room
Wishing: my mom and papa were they loved this holiday...also wish Debbie my dad's girlfriend was here...she lights up the room and always makes me feel so good...she also appreciates my carrot and turnip dish ;O)
Enjoying: the random conversations of my dreams in this life with my hubby. Just last night I told him I wanted to be a stylist and Bikini Pro and hold retreats here in Las Vegas for thrifting...he smiled and said " Let's do it" THAT is what a partner is...who knows...sometimes your wacky dreams come true...
Waiting: for good news from the tell us that our baby boy is in the clear...
Liking: everything mid century modern and black and white all over...
Wondering: if I will do well in the my next competition and if all this hard work is paying off..
Loving: that when Sampson looks at me..I know exactly what he wants...maybe I'm ready to be a momma?
Hoping: that everything will work out as it should...I often question if I am on the right path or not.
Marvelling: how life has it's way of sneaking up on you and slapping you in the face...reminding us that this is make it worth it..
Needing: SLEEP. I have managed to get all of 12 hours of sleep in 5 days...
Smelling: Gingerbread coffee...I got some at Trader Joes last week and I have been making it every morning.
Wearing: my workout clothes and lipstick...all day..every day...Maybe I should start designing some...haha
Following: my meal plan 110% all through Thanksgiving and Channukah. It isn't going to be easy...but I will do it... 
Noticing: a change in my body and being proud of myself everyday...that was harder to say than I thought.
Knowing: everything happens for a reason...even when you don't discover the reason...EVER..
Thinking: about Saturday...and all the cleaning I have to get done!
Feeling: refreshed after sleeping for longer than 4 hours last night and not having to work today!
Bookmarking: rugs, curtains, and color schemes for our home
Opening: my Smile Brilliant Trays to start whitening my teeth. These things are amazing!
Giggling: ummm I don't giggle...
Feeling: content and calm...

I often want to write about things but never get to it....but this was awesome and fun to write...Thank you to Pip for starting this I loved writing guys should try it too... 


  1. this is the most adorable thing ever

  2. Beautiful photos. I hope your time with your family was everything you imagined and more. Have a great weekend.

  3. I LOVE these pictures! They are so beautiful :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly


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