Wednesday, November 06, 2013


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Outfit Details:
Fascninator: Louisa Voisine Millinery
Sunglasses: Marshalls
Designer leather dress: Marshalls
Booties: Marshalls
Thigh high socks: H&M
Vintage Sweater: Thrifted Savers
Rings: H&M
$50 Gift Card GIVEAWAY to Marshalls or Savers going on HERE! You don't have to link up a costume just follow the Rafflecopter! Good Luck and thank you all for your continued support!
I love a fascninator as much as I love these booties and my new found love of these socks as you may have noticed....I also can't get enough of this dress. Do you guys find yourself wearing a piece or 3 in my case over and over again week after week until you wear it out like your favorite song on your cd that you used to scratch up on repeat? haha -   As for the fascinator....I feel like Louisa just totally gets who I quirky and creative her designs speak to me and I am always thinking of how I can incorporate then into my styling. While I know it isn't totally realistic to go out in a isn't totally realistic to walk in 6 inch heels...but we do that all the hey...I say you out on your hat strut your stuff! 
P.S. I vlogged the fashion show where I wore some of her designs coming soon to my Youtube Channel..until then you can check out a little thrifting I did in San probably remember these can check it out 


  1. You just gave me an idea for an outfit. I love this look on you! So cute! And that fascinator is amazing!

  2. LOVEE* the fascinator!!! I wish that American vendors made more fabulous hats and fascinators!

    :) Amber

  3. DYING over the headpiece. Incredible!


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