Thursday, October 31, 2013

The day I brought the jumper back...

IMG_3514 IMG_3517 IMG_3521 IMG_3540 IMG_3582 IMG_3588 IMG_3522
Outfit Details
Jumper: Marshalls 
Heels: ThredUP
Belt: Thrifted
Earrings: Hottie
Rings: My Moms

Well, I would normally be posting my Halloween pics the day after but I will keep those for Monday's Thrifters Anonymous! So don't forget to get your Halloween Posts ready to link up I will also be hosting a giveaway to the winner!! 

Now on to my jumper...haha I found this at Marshalls and I was immediately excited. For's a built in outfit...haha so I it's easy...two...I feel sexy in it..even though my hubby called it a onesie... are these things back? I mean if Marshalls has it...then they must be back right? well...don't you fret ladies. I am making it official...haha JUMPERS/Onesies are BACK! so bring it on Fall and watch me style this baby a hundred different ways...and yes..all you business women. I wore this to work...with one of my infamous vintage blazers...haha BAM.. haha Do you guys own a jumper? 
Happy November! 
Check out my newest VLOG! Me and PE visit the new Marshalls in Vegas on Las Vegas BLVD!!! New video to come soon on my other channel Thrifters Anonymous..until then here is a sneak preview!


  1. LOL! I love that you called it a "built in outfit." So true! Jumpers, rompers, jumpsuits, playsuits, etc...they are all so easy and fun to style. And yeah, they are still in. I think what makes them in all the time is that they call them something different every season. Ever notice that?

    You look fabulous and glamorous in this outfit. Have a wonderful weekend <3

    xo Azu

  2. lol I sure hope they are 'back' because I wore a cute strapless one for my birthday last year!

  3. You are looking fabulous in the jumpsuit!

  4. I love your style so much. I aspire to dress more like you. You and P.E. are amazing. <3

  5. I secretly love jumpers, but I haven't worn one since 6th grade. You look A-mazing in your find. I love it. Totally makes me want to revisit the idea.


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