Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Back Home

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Outfit Details
Faux Leather Paneled Skinny:  Olive & Oak Marshalls (Last year)
Tape Yarn Tank: CAbi
Heels: Stuart Weitzman Thrifted Savers
Bracelets: F21, H&M, Vintage
Snake Ring: My Grandmothers

Now that I am back in Vegas...I was in San Antonio...I am really trying to get my mind right. It's funny how leaving home even for just 48 hours can either set you on track...or take you OFF track...I had a little bit of was a much needed get away since I just have not been able to relax...funny's not stress..I think I am just excited about all the opportunities and amazing things I am involved in... The season is of my best friends will be here with her new baby boy...and  I'm gearing up to train even harder this time around...things are good...but I still feel a little anxious...I guess that's just who I am eh?

Do you guys feel this way....? Or am I just the only one here...haha Anyway, I'm enjoying this mild breeze we have here in hopes it will linger just a little bit longer this year...I am still vlogging up a storm...I am sure it will die out soon but until then you can catch my daily nonsense on my youtube channel, ShanaEmily or Colorblind Fitness HERE.

P.S. haha I laugh everytime I wear black pants...I will never be able to get control of the dog hair..NEVER..haha

Happy Wednesday Friends!


  1. I know what you mean. It's so much fun to work on different projects but so time consuming. Noooo don't stop vlogin,g its fun to watch you but I can only imagine that it becomes a pain to record yourself throughout the day everyday.

  2. Love those pants, they look very similar to the Kardasian Kollection skirt.


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