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SECOND TO LAST...New Goals...New Challenge

Hey friends...welcome to the longest blog post ever...haha I go months not writing anything to vomiting all over you! haha so apologies in advance..... You guys remember when I was posting my fitness journey? and these incredible pics by Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots?.....where I was determined to use me as my inspiration so I could make sure I was PRESENT through this whole journey?

so...I can't believe it has been over a year since I went on this journey of mine...looking back at old pictures and videos I find myself wondering why I hadn't started sooner! I had promised for a while now that I would be sharing my competition vlog and story..and I have yet to do it...I really didn't know why I didn't want to..I just knew that I didn't feel like it was time...then it hit me...

I was EMBARRASSED that I even got to the point I did...completely.and .utterly...embarrassed...

.HAD I been living like that? I was embarrassed to even say I used to dance...or even work out...I never really felt insecure at the time....or maybe I did...it was like reality had set in and I was faced with the fact that I had been HATING my body for a long time...and slowly but surely it started to affect who I was...and what I did in life...You know like...well..I would dance again but I don't think I would be as good...or...I would love to start a fashion blog..but I am not as skinny as everyone and well frankly I can't wear the clothing that inspires me anyway...OR NO I don't want to go to your pool party cuz then I have to get in a swimsuit...and getting into and out of a pool when you feel gross SUCKS...I would start acting again but then I would be on camera and that adds like 1,000 pounds to that of which I already feel...SO...that is where I was...NOT doing anything I was passionate about..because of how I FELT inside my body..that I HATED. Now don't get me wrong...I had many people say I would LOVE to have your body...but that is the funny thing about life...We all have different standards for ourselves...and we are all equally mean to our body...Anyway you get the point...

So I walked in that gym...met with the coach I had been lurking for about 10 years...you know...what I mean...haha Oh look she is lunging...I would literally be like 10 steps behind her doing EXACTLY what she did...I guess you could call that stealing...haha anyway...I signed up for a 12 week transformation program with the Las Vegas Figure and Bikini Team...I am now with Body Revision by Claudia, my coach I stalked...she is incredible...so all you Vegas folks get on it! Anyway I joined...I had told my friend P.E. you remember her...You can check out her journey HERE! I also blogged my initial journey HERE you can check out! THIS IS ME. MY first picture of the beginning of my journey...

THERE I AM...in all my MISERABLE glory...I was pissed! haha

I was not happy...but I started...I started on the journey and it was incredible... 8 weeks into it My eye brow mustache remover and good friend Kathryn Ludens told me about her work with Stacie Frazier andHaute Shots and how they were holding a Spokesmodel search...SHE thought I would be a great fit...ummm SPOKESMODEL? BOUDOIR photography? I barely want to take a picture in my sports bra...
.but I had changed my attitude and I was going to do EVERYTHING that scared me...and this almost made me poop my pants...so I did it..I thought...hey, I will just use my love for thrifting and styling and wear so much jewelry and accessories you won't notice my body! haha Here is one of my favorite shots from the Spokesmodel search shoot..
YEP.. THAT IS ME... For the first time I SAW myself...and really saw myself...I was still nervous and not totally confident...but I was so proud of myself...I was dedicated...and I said I was going to do something that I DID!!!!! YAHOOOO. and guess what.... I WON!!!!!!!!! ALL OF YOU made it possible...and then I decided...I was going to do something that scared me even more... 

haha Ummm Here is the first video 8 weeks out from my first competition!!!! haha this seems like soooooo long ago! You can follow the other videos on my 
FYI! I am no longer with LAs Vegas Figure and Bikini Team! You can find me at
Body Revision By Claudia!!! HER LINK IS HERE!

So I did it... I transformed my body...I became a spokesmodel..and somewhere in there I acted in the award winning short film called ACTION ACTION produced by Adam Kilbourn and directed by Adam Zielinski...you can watch that film HERE! I was a KUNG FU MASTER.. and still about 20 lbs heavier than I wanted to be...P.E. is in it toooo!!!!  I was nominated for best Breakout Female Action star in the Action on Film Festival in LA! I KNOWWWWWWWW haha the girl who won was on 90210..the original of course....haha I later went on to audition for a Feature Film directed by David Schmoeler called Little Monsters...which is now playing here in a local theater in Green Valley on the 13th of September!!! DREAM. COME. TRUE.

I also modeled in a runway show for Louisa Voisine Millinery... and I am the featured model for her Dowton Abbey Hats on the Wardrobe Shops Online Store!  WHAT AN HONOR... I mean...is this my life? 

Anyway, back to the competition...I didn't exactly WIN this competition...haha ok...more like...I came in SECOND TO LAST...in my class...and I am competitive folks...my body went flat..and I LOST my booty...AND to top it all off I got my period the night before....I know too much info..but SERIOUSLY....I was SO ANGRY...I mean literally didn't want to talk about it for weeks...I didn't even want to see my photo from the competition....yeah...I know...but guess what? haha I feel faboulous now...AND I no longer had pain in my ankle...I wore shorts for the first time in years...and I was on cloud 9! MY LIFE has CHANGED.. Thank you to Claudia, my family, my friends...and you guys!!! SO second to last made me feel like I had come in first...ok NOT REALLY... but...IMAGINE WHEN I DO? haha come in first that is...and I WILL...

Recently Bodybuidling.com thought they would feature me on their site...little to my knowledge they had been lurking around my BODYSPACE account and VOILA! THIS HAPPENED... haha
RADICAL CHANGES... Was it really that RADICAL ? oh man...haha I guess this is what happens when you put yourself out there.. LITERALLY haha

So now that I have showed you more shots of me in a bikini that one would like... haha WHY? WHY have I decided to FINALLY SHARE this..even though I still wasn't happy with my AFTER photo....because the emails...comments... messages and strangers stopping me on the street to compliment my back muscles...has made me realize how amazing sharing your journey is... and while some ..I shall not name ...are not always SUPPORTIVE of my journey and choice to share my bikini body and not so ready bikini body....if I can motivate one person to make a choice and love their body and who they are...then I have done what I feel is my duty and purpose here...As most of you know I lost my mom over 6 years ago...and I promised her I would take care of myself...she was a healer to many...SOOOO One year later...I am making NEW goals...NEW challenges...and I am so excited to announce 

#theboudoirbodychallenge #IAMHAUTE

I have been asked to be an ambassador of this challenge...and so HONORED to have met the Haute Shots team...we are like a family...and together we push each other and inspire each other to do better...we are all embarking on our own challenges and are faced with our own fears and goals...and we thought we would bring all of you along!! There are some incredible sponsors and things that we have planned for all of you locals and all of you ALL OVER THE WORLD!  

You can visit the other ambassadors too and support their journey HERE!

I am going to share with you my NEW goals over the next 12 weeks...I will be making NEW recipes...and sharing my new workouts with you! 

The Challenge will start on Monday September 9th and will end on Dec. 9, 2013

FIRST You can follow me on this journey by first clicking HERE to ENTER into the challenge! When you do please mention my name and I will introduce you to the group!!! Supportive Men and Women who will RULE THE EARTH...ok maybe not rule the earth...but will have killer abs and inspire us all!!! haha

SECOND you can follow me along through all of my social media sites where I share my day to day struggles...my newly found recipes...what I eat...my favortie workouts...and pictures of my animals...oh and my obsession with Marshalls and Thrift stores as well #thriftersanonymous haha

If you are on there don't forget to tag me at @colorbldindblog so I can follow you along your journey as well as the #theboudoirbodychallenge #BBC and @hauteshots !!! 

If you are a local, I will be hosting MEAL PREP SUNDAY Retreats as well as Styling Sessions and Thrifters Anonymous Meetings to help us get in our new bodies! I can't wait to start this...and to meet all of you!!! 

"Don't ever let anyone steer you away from what you know you are meant to do!" ShanaEmily

If you have made it to the end of this post...YOU are truly incredible and clearly need to get back to work..haha love you guys!!! And please feel free to leave me any comments or questions or you can email me at colorblindblog@gmail.com I am usually quicker on my instagram @colrobldindblog  if you need an immediate answer! LET'S DO THIS!!!


  1. Congrats on all of your success!! You are one determined lady!! I would love to see a sample meal plan from the 1st part of your transformation.

  2. Oh Shana! You Are Incredible! Inspirational, talented, determined, solid, fun...I need to go back and reread this. Yes, I admit, I skimmed in a few spots.


  3. And now I'm crying. I'm pretty sure you are the most inspiring person I've ever met Shana. Who would have thought that my mission to find a spokesmodel would have turned into a life altering event for me personally. Your strength, discipline and drive to live life to the fullest has affected me deeply. Thank you for all you do! You truly are a shining star! Love you girly!

  4. You look absolutely amazing, you did a great job. I really need to do this too, I'm having trouble gettng motivated : / But your transformation is very inspiring.

  5. You are so inspiring. It's unbelievable!! Amazing! I really admire you. Congratulatuons.

  6. You are so awesome! Thank you for sharing! ♥

  7. Wow, I saw a picture of you on Pinterest and followed it to your blog where i found this amazing story. This is an amazing transformation. I feel like this is something I can do because for years I have been trying to tone up and have not been successful, thank you for sharing.


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