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Karate Chop | #TheBoudoirBodyChallenge Week 3

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Shoes: c/o Marshalls, Workout Pants: c/o Marshalls, Tank: c/o Marshalls, Karate Chop: all me...all angry..haha

yep. that's me. I was so angry last week...and it was time to take some photos of my new outfits for the blog...I didn't even know what to do so I started just kicking and jumping and THIS is what my hubby did for me...haha he emailed it to me this morning...LOVE IT.. Thanks Love...I needed this!!!

SO...Here are 10 things I have learned over the past 3 weeks since starting this challenge..which by the way is not too late to join people...so get on it! Click HERE to join and Click HERE to learn more about the Ambassadors.. Haute Shots..and the whole incredible experience...we have over 250 men and women from all over the world...it's pretty incredible if you ask me..anyway on to my learning experience...

1. EACH DAY IS A NEW DAY remember that each day is a NEW day and that what you did last night won't ruin what you to today....well unless of coarse you break your leg or something..I was mostly talking about the eating of a fiber one bar in a starvation panic break down...haha

2.  GO TO MARSHALLS when you are feeling down..haha I know I sound likea commercial but honestly.. I swear it's like my therapist...I mean sometimes I don't even buy anything...and well in this case I bought this whole outfit you see above...haha $50 later I am like a new women!!! haha I promise...just go get you a pair of workout pants for like $10 and you will know what I mean... Don't forget to share your finds using the #fabfound for a gift card!! You can link up HERE!

3. FACE YOUR FEARS...never let your fears stop you from doing something you might fail at...because you just might surprise yourself and LOVE every second of it..I have learned the SECOND you start to fear something is the second you should do it....DO IT! .i.e. hot yoga....who would have thought I would love that so much..more ont he vlog...

4. EAT SLOWLY...and enjoy the flavors in your food...haha basically don't inhale it and choke on rice whilst doing your make up and editing videos...just sayin haha DRINK water....and always use hot sauce...hahaDon't leave your water bottle in the car...as the pressure will literally squirt right in your face...exhibit A...in this VLOG....

5. YOU ARE NOT ALONE...Just when you think you are alone with your silly thoughts...you realize there are 267 others who think just like you...THAT'S YOU #BBC friends...haha I mean...thinking about french fries 22 hours of the day seems odd...but when others do it, well it just doesn't seem so bad...haha

6. BRING A FRIEND with you when you train legs...and any body part for that matter...two people not wanting to do it makes 1 person doing it...thus forcing you to DO IT....haha you like my logic?

7. HIRE A COACH/TRAINER....BOND with your coach/trainer...LISTEN to your coach/trainer...not 80%...not 90% 110%....and don't wine or make excuses...and if you do...do it in the privacy of your own home..I love my coach! She is an amazingly strong...motivational women who pushes me to my max and is always teaching me a little something new about myself...You can learn more about here HERE! Send her some love on her Facebook page HERE  it's her  birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAUDIA!!!

8. JUST PUT YOUR SHOES ON and start moving...I don't event care what it is...jumping jacks...punching in the air...in my case...kicking haha I promise...once you start you will want to push harder than before....I noticed that the days I didn't want to do crap I ended up exceeding goals I never thought I would reach!

9. MEAL PREP..MEAL PREP...MEAL PREP....ALWAYS have your food ready to go...and make sure to eat every 2-3 hours.. I noticed if I allow myself to go past that 3 hour mark I start losing it...like thinking I will never make it..I am hopeless...I am just gonna eat what I want... stay on a plan! My Costco Part 2 with Edwina is up you can check it out HERE!

10. SLEEP....REST...SLEEP....I can do what I need to do on 5 hours sometimes 4 hours of sleep...but what I am not doing is taking care of my body...all the workouts...eating clean means nothing if I don't rest...this whole experience has taught me that I need to make time for that...

So.. I kicked the crap out of my crappy week...what have you guys learned? anything that may help me? please share...and if you are not part of the challenge share your thoughts on a health fit..clean lifestyle I think we would all love to know!!!!

Love you guys!! here is to an awesome week!

Here is my latest VLOG...Some more Marshalls Shopping...Michaels crafts...and some Yoga...

Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB, however it does not influence the opinions expressed in this post..

I am authentically and mostly certainly addicted.. haha


  1. loved the spill, too funny! Yes please do hauls, would love to see. You just motivated me to go to a hot yoga class, I've always wanted to try but seems a bit scary since I heard it can be really hot. It's good to try things out though.

  2. Okay, so the drink spill was absolutely hilarious! One thing I wanted to mention about our class, so that you aren't surprised if you ever go to a to yoga class on your own - our instructor turned the heat way down for our attendees who were complaining about the heat. It is normally quite hotter than what we experienced in our private class. But, I think you will find, like I did, that you prefer it hotter.


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