Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If you like it. Wear it. A lot. #projectFAB #fabfound

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Outfit Details
Designer Vest: c/o Marshalls Retail $90 I paid $24.99!
Aztec Skirt: Marshalls Retail $40 I paid $16.99 !
Shrunken Sweatshirt: c/o CAbi
Desginer Heels: Marshalls (I got these a couple of years ago!) Retail $120 !!I think I paid like $20
Necklace: H&M

So. I have this clothing rack...ok like 3 clothing racks but one in particular that I pull clothes for...pieces that fit the season..pieces that I have been wanting to wear but forgot about..and pieces I am not sure I want anymore to try...I use this rack for the whole week...and style from it...HENCE why you see me re-using pieces...through this process I discover what I love...and what I gravitate far this a winner...I have worn it 4 times in one week..and I don't care...cuz I love it..and I think that when you love something you should wear it ALWAYS. AGREED? AGREED haha 

Since I practically live in my gym clothes I noticed I have been gravitating towards sporty things...and while this vest has been worn to the office I think it still reads a casual vibe and can be dressed up for date in this picture...don't let me fool you though..this was NOT date night...cuz well I ain't got time for that haha just kidding... anyway I also bring it with me to the gym in case I have to go anywhere afterwards...catch my drift... throw it on over your gym clothes and are casual chic...or casually sweaty under a really cute vest... of my #fabfound #projectFAB amazing pieces...that I will cherish in my closet. Do you guys have a piece like that? 
PLEASE SHARE with me... tag me on twitter with @shanaemily and #fabfound.... I can share your looks...and YOU can win a gift card to Marshalls...can't get any better than that right?

Maybe I will show you guys this rack one day in my videos...until then you can kinda see it in my can also see me shopping...eating...and whining after my workouts...but you can always skip over those parts haha  

Here is my most recent VLOG...

Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB, however it does not influence the opinions expressed in this post..

I am authentically and mostly certainly addicted.. haha



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