Friday, September 06, 2013


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Outfit Details
Designer T-Shirt: Marshalls
Designer Skinny Cropped Jeans: Marshalls Originally $150 (haha umm that's a lot for Palm Tree pants haha)
Haven't Got a Worry Platform Sandal: Seychelles On Sale on Amazon! 
Fearless Dedigner Bracelet: Marshalls
Spiked Necklace, Spiked bracelet and braided bracelet: H&M
Green and Silver Vintage Bracelet: Hubby's Grandma passed down

Funny how the universe works...when things come crashing down...and it seems that the next day is forever away...I find myself retreating...I don't call my friends back..I don't respond...I don't talk to anyone at work...I don't want to get dressed up..and I DON'T want to blog...something I found solace in and truly loved...As you may have seen recently I have basically just LET GO...and started sharing...I had know idea the out pour of support that would be flooding my emails...and then...all of the new opportunities that show up on my door step...LITERALLY..

I woke up this morning to a FEDEX package from MARSHALLS...I mean...can it get any better? haha I have come to realize and I am sure it will be a daily thing...that each day will go by...and the universe doesn't care that your car got stolen...or that you may be hurt...or sick...or I don't know... LOST one of your FAVORITE CLIENTS WHO YOU TRULY CARED ABOUT AND WORKED YOUR BUTT OFF for...Hypothetically speaking of coarse haha Anyway...It's Rosh Hashana...and it is Yom Kippur next week...and it is time to reflect...and realize...that I am living in my own universe...

and I am making a promise to be FEARLESS...and not saying I won't have fears...cuz if you know me personally you know I am scared of EVERYTHING...haha including wearing shorts to the gym...or wearing these pants filled with Palm Trees...I got these pants with a $25 Gift Card from Marshalls for the #ProjectFAB Blogger Collaberation I am part of! This was Sponsored by Marshalls and I am soooo excited to be a part of this group of fashionable ladies...I decided to use it towards something I may have been totally hesitant to buy in the past...anyway you catch my drift....but my promise for the new year is to be Fearless...MEANING...

the minute I am scared to do something...well...I AM going to do it...EVEN IF I FAIL.ACK.. just saying it makes me scared...whatever...

Thank you guys for all of your support for my last post...and thank you for being my Fearless Friends...

Don't forget to join us for the #TheBoudoirbodychallenge More info HERE!

Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB


  1. I love the print on those pants!

  2. I love the pants ... you really truly are such an inspiration!! I wish I had the will power that you have girl!!
    Jess Cause Blog

  3. Love your army candy and those pants. Great outfit!


  4. Hi! Just found your blog on Instagram and really like it. This outfit is awesome, the warm grey of the tee is fabulous and the pants talk for themselves, love your style. I follow you on Instagram and GFC.
    Xx love from a Spanish Blogger
    Today "Coral Love"

  5. Those pants are AMAZING! I love how you styled them too!



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