Tuesday, September 10, 2013

7 Years....old habits...new life

Morning friends! So keeping on with #TransformationTuesday and since I shared my story of my fitness journey last week...I am going to continue to do so...I am also going to Vlog the Boudoir Body Challenge! In case you guys didn't catch what that was...HURRY It's not too late to join! You can read more about it in this post HERE! Anyway.. on to today...TODAY is a really special day... I will be doing a separate post for but thought it was suitable in that I have changed so much..

TODAY is the hubby and I's 7th Anniversary....TODAY we got married at sun down here in Las Vegas...and what an incredible ride...but I will save that for another post to my hubby...I have a wedding picture hanging on my mantel...THIS one to be exact..above.
I LOVE This picture...Thank you to AltF and John Michael Cooper for capturing both of us just so happy...and I was! I was!!! I had met the love of my life...and I FINALLY had a partner to do all these crazy things with...I was down to my GOAL weight of 135 and worked my butt off for it...I was at the gym for 4 hours a day and ate tuna and salad NON STOP...I fit into my designer dress by Melissa Sweet and I was HAPPY...well about 2 months later my mom became very very ill...and my whole world came crashing down...I no longer had a goal to fit into...so I basically just fell back into my old habits...and that is when I had realized that to get into this dress and get married was my goal....but changing my life and my lifestyle was not...cuz let me tell you..


1. I skipped breakfast opting for coffee or some sort of bar...

2. I waited almost 4 to 5 hours to eat lunch and by that time I was dizzy and didn't care what I ate...normally I brought my lunch....a sandwich or salad and sandwich...I drank water....but then maybe another cup of coffee..and back to stressful work!

3. I then preceded to wait 5 or more hours to eat dinner...where I would take a fat burner before my workout down ANOTHER cup of coffee...and head to the gym...spending an hour on the elliptical I would then go and do some bicep curls...or squats...1600 sit ups ...half ass stretching....and leave...or body pump or spin class was an option too...

4. I came home and grabbed the tub of hummus, salsa, pita, pita chips, sugar snap peas, and Multi grain chips and plopped my butt in  front of the television to watch Housewives....I snacked for about 20 minutes and then finally decided to eat dinner...while frustrated and STARVING at this point I would often just cook up some chicken, broccoli and rice for both of us and then finished off my night with some yogurt and maybe another bar for dessert...

5. I went to bed at midnight and did it all over again....

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture...I mean for the most part my food wasn't that bad...but did I even DRINK ANY WATER? How about the fact that I waited so long to eat..thus waiting till I had a headache and I wanted to eat everything is sight....and SNACKING...haha ummm NEVER grab a full bag of ANYTHING and sit front of the tv...haha last year I ate a half bag of almonds....that's enough fat to keep me going for 3 weeks! haha anyway you catch my drift...

it's funny cuz I am about 5 lbs heavier than in that picture above, yet I am almost 2 sizes smaller!!!! and I have WAAAY more muscle...Which is why is soooo important to forget about the scale and really FOCUS on why you want to change...and take the focus away from food...cuz when you change the way you live...the food actually changes with you....and while you get to indulge in your favorites here and there...your whole life is focused around the things you do..the plans you make...and less around what you eat and what you weigh....

I am healthier today and I could have gone on this journey without this man by my side...between the mood swings...absorbent amounts of Tupperware left in the sink...to the constant drinking of water...to the early morning workouts...and late nights....Having a partner is something that is priceless...and I know I am lucky...

So Happy Anniversary to my love...my biggest fan...These years have been incredible...and I can't wait to see what is yet to come...until then...here was a day in my life and the first VLOG for the #Theboudoirbodychallange !!!! I didn't film me working in my career that is...but you will see more tomorrow!!!

There is still time to join!!! Click here to join the challenge! and for those of you in Vegas we are having a meet up and greet at the Sweat Store on Flamingo and 215 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm! 
I would love to meet you all!!!


  1. Shana that was fun. Videos are a great way of helping us to get to know you better.

    I had a gray Oscar too. She was a female, adopted from the SPCA with that name already familiar to her.

  2. Sorry...forgot to say Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie. Congratulations on seven years, and wishing you seventy more.


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