Friday, July 19, 2013

Who wears short shorts...

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Outfit Details
Tank: c/o Marshalls #projectFAB
Sports Bra: c/o Marshalls
Shorts: c/o Marshalls
Shoes: Addidas
***Disclosure: I have received free products or value from Marshalls or The TJX Companies, Inc. in connection with my affiliation with Marshalls Project FAB***

ACKKK...I DO I DOO....I am wearing shorts FOLKS....haha I know I know...I haven't posted an outfit post in over a week...I am so trying to do WAAAY to many things haha WAKE UP....go to work. Leave work..go to the gym....leave the gym go to dance rehearsal....leave dance rehearsal go home and blog...haha ummmI need like 34 hours in a day this 24 crap ain't cutting it! haha Rihanna's new song has hit home for me... "Tomorrow's way to far away.....All we got is right nowww" 

This is truly my uniform lately and I have never been happier...and I have been getting my clothes and workout clothes from Marshalls since I was a little with my you can imagine my excitement when Marshalls contacted me to be a part of their #projectFAB partnership....Hand picked and shipped to me I received these items and they were perfect...somewhat symbolic of my changes and growth..I laughed when I saw the shorts...

This may sounds silly to most of you all but SHORTS...are you kidding me...workout wear in PUBLIC? you mean and walk in them? haha I don't know if everyone is ready for all my juiciness haha well I tried them on and pranced around my house like a school girl asking my hubby every 10 minutes how I looked...I mimicked jumping...running, squatting...ok not ready for that one...but you get my point...THIS was a milestone and a real awakening into the life I have created for myself..a healthy..CONFIDENT...LOVE MY BODY And all of it's curves type of life...and I have all of you to thank for it..and Marshalls outside of the gym...inside of the gym...and all the way around is so much more than clothes...they represent something to all of us...and sometimes what we choose to wear will communicate to the world how we feel or what we think of ourselves...while I may have been colorblind...perhaps hiding behind dark and unnoticeable clothing...I am not longer there folks...but don't get me wrong..I still love me some black and grey....but I will always have some sort of color int here haha..

THANK YOU all for your emails...your comments...your posts on twitter, instagram, know that I may be inspiring one other person out there to go for it makes this whole journey worthwhile...and believe me when I tell has not been easy...but 

I WILL keep going
I WILL not look back 
I WILL embrace the now and focus on my goals
I WILL take each day as it comes and remind myself that THIS is what THIS is all about
I WILL not let what makes me happy now get in the way of what will change my LIFE later

Ahhhh feels good to be blogging and writing again...and if you have read up to this point. HI!!! I Miss you guys! Now get up...and get moving..I promise you...your life will change...and while you are at it...pick up some shorts...whether you are ready or not...prance around your house in will feel much better haha



  1. Too cute, look at you, love this sporty look.You certainly have an amazing body and it shows you work hard. you are inspiring to me! Looking forward to seeing more!

    XO Chelsea

  2. Werk it!!!



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