Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tie Dye and Topshop: A Week with ThredUP Challenge Day 1

IMG_9134 IMG_9139 IMG_9146 IMG_9158 IMG_9142 IMG_9131 IMG_9143
Outfit Details
Express Tuni: c/o ThredUP
Topshop Jegging: c/o ThredUP
Guess Heels: c/o ThredUP
Bracelet: F21

Outfit Cost
Retail: $160
Total Cost: $40

I must make a confession. These pics were taken over 5 weeks ago...yep...THAT is how behind I am on things...but I am getting caught up...There is a lot going on in this outfit haha let's start with my hair...you can't tell too much but I died it red...yep...this was a process for sure...and I am not one to mess with my hair but I bleached the whole thing...I know  I know...not a good thing but I love it....I just got it done this past week again for the second time and the color is awesome. 

Anyway. Let's get to my outfit for a week with ThredUP challenge! I am loving all these pieces and I must say these jeggings though a bit snug 5 weeks ago, are fitting me perfect today...SOOO comfy and Topshop? I need to start looking out for Topshop goods...This whole outfit is from ThredUP and I hand picked it THRIFTING ONLINE....I love saying that....The prices are a little higher then what you would typically find at your local thrift store, but realistically speaking they are still in the range...not to mention the convenience of shopping at your home...So all of you who tell me you HATE going into the thrift store...dealing with dressing rooms...and fighting aggressive LURKERS ...ALL of which I LOVE by the way, haha THIS is the place for you to shop. I need to find out more about their return policy but the delivery was fast and everything came in a box folded. 

So stay tuned for tomorrow and the next day as I remix all of THESE pieces, in case you missed it, all week! 



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