Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LOLA HAZE,Haute Shots, and No Make Up

This past weekend was somewhat of a blur...I am always so humbled when I look back at what I have been able to do and those I get to work with. I absolutely love working with these group of incredibly talented women...and it just keeps getting better.
This past weekend Haute Shots Boudoir Photography held a LOLA HAZE Trunk Show..our very first...The lingerie was absolutely exquisite and I was putting outfits together in mind all day! IMG_2172 IMG_2171
The women were hesitant at first not really quite sure how to wear the pieces or where to wear the pieces. Seeing as I now have acquired an incredible collection of lingerie myself, I quickly reminded the ladies how these pieces could be used in everyday outfits. This piece in particular would be so sexy with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute blazer...or even a pencil skirt...after I said was like a whole new world of ideas had opened up! haha It's like in the movies when the ladies get undressed and they just so happen to be wearing the sexiest lingerie can be reality ladies...I'm sure my hubby if he is reading this is wondering why I haven't tried that yet! haha

With plenty of wine and champagne flowing, thank you to Francis Coppola Winery...the ladies were getting very comfortable...for what was yet to come...
IMG_2161IMG_2160 IMG_2159 IMG_2157 IMG_2156
I was obsessed with this gold piece...I mean OBSESSED...imagine...cut off shorts...heels...blazer...PERFECTION.
IMG_2155 IMG_2153 IMG_2152  IMG_2148 IMG_2147 IMG_2146 IMG_2145 IMG_2144
Then it was time to STRIP...ok not our clothes...but our was a beautiful thing to see...women...feeling empowered...and beautiful. Stacie has a way about her that just makes you feel like a supermodel..BELIEVE me I know..sometimes I just want to drive to her house for an ego boost...haha

The women were gorgeous...and was time for the reveal....They didn't know what to expect...and before I spoil it you will have to wait to see the magic unfold over at the Haute Shots stay tuned..

and for those of you wanting to see more of the LOLA HAZE line check out their site HERE Thank you to all of the ladies who inspired me and our whole team...and hope to inspire all women out there to let go of what we think we should look like..and embrace who we are...more about the No Make Up Challenge HERE.


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