Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My life looks way more awesome on Instagram...

{Daily Motivational Quote and Outfit of the day!} 
{Training Upper Body with Body Revision by Claudia}
{Spring time in Paris Luoisa Voisine Fashion Show}
{My first runway show and styling for Louisa Voisine!}

{#mealprepsunday youtube videos are up on my Colorblind fitness channel!}

{Grocery Shopping at Costco video is up and I got a new Elixir at Target to try have you tried it?}
{Behind the scenes of our STITCHED and Haute Shots Boudoir Photography shoot

{ I got my hair done after 8 months! Thanks Tesha! I did a little something different will show you guys!}

{Working out with the girls at David Barton Gym}
{Filmed some of our favorite workouts to be on my colorblind fitness youtube channel!}

{My protein pancake recipe here and a love note from my hubby :O)}

So I have watched other bloggers post their instagram pics and I realized that sometimes our lives are more amazing then we think they are...maybe that is why I love Instagram so much...or facebook or even really brings to light all the amazing opportunities that I have and the love and friendship I am surrounded by...I get to work with some incredibly talented people and I have a partner who stand by me through it time you see me whining just tell me to shut and take a look at my Instagram for a reality is pretty darn good...SHUT IT SHANA....


  1. yes, one of the reasons why i love instagram and blogging... it helps me count my blessings!

  2. I haven't seen the skin elixer but I have been loving some of the other Shea Moisture products. I should check out the local target since I've only been shopping this brand at Walgreens.

    And I think taking and posting photos of things can sometimes make you more aware of the things around you that you have to be grateful for. Like a "what's here that's interesting ... oh THAT! Take a photo." :)

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Holy COW!! Girl, you got guns like a champ!! I'm inspired!

  4. i'm gonna print out your upper body workout pix & use them an inspiration to GET THOSE TONED ARMS!!!


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