Tuesday, March 12, 2013

True or False

You are going to look extremely impressive at the gym...AND  strengthen your core while doing anything on a bosu ball. TRUE! 45 minutes of exercises on this thing and you will feel it all over!

You are going to be super fit and skinny by doing an hour and half on the elliptical EVERY DAY FOREVER ! FALSE Cardio is always good for your cardiovascular health and shedding some fat...but once you have done that lifting weights will give you that lift you want...I promise you won't turn into incredible hulk if you do! haha
When on the stair master you MUST lift your leg in all directions, walk backwards and punch the air to really get a good workout...FALSE...haha I know it will help a tad in certain areas of your muscle...but is NOT necessary to get a good leg and butt workout on the stair master...it is also a great machine to get some fat burn...I have a bad ankle so running isn't always an option!
This contraption is meant for people who are not flexible and need attention while stretching! FALSE! I need to stretch a lot more than I do! and this contraption is really an amazing piece of metal. There is a chart in the center that shows you all kinds of moves to stretch you out!
Riding a spin bike is painful, but is a great High Intensity workout, and beginners are always welcome. TRUE The only problem is when you are not in a class you have a tendency of just sitting there and watching tv without increasing you heart rate or much of anything else! haha 
Balancing acts at the gym are very important to getting strong...FALSE haha I will say looking like you are in Cirque De Soleil does have it's benefits...your core and glutes will be shot once you master this move...but I WARN you...stay clear of any metal and machines...you will fall Do this move with a partner :O)
Lounging on machines WILL NOT give you a good workout...TRUE but realizing that the machine is moving while you are on it..well that will just make for a good laugh...
This move WILL make you look like a bad ass...TRUE but I am not sure what else it will do haha
ANYTHING with cables looks really good and helps to lengthen your muscle while building TRUE and always makes me sore the next day!
Squatting is the ONLY thing that will build my booty TRUE and FALSE...that and sweet potatoes...and supplements and time...lots of time..
Keep doing upper body exercises consistently and YOU WILL start to see muscles... TRUE! It has been one year of consistency..in diet and lifting and my arms are starting to look buff!!! IT WORKS!
Choose a protein after a workout rather than a fat like yogurt..TRUE and FALSE.but if you did legs fruit is great 15 minutes after!
Smile and congratulate yourself for going to the gym and committing to a health lifestyle!
and don't forget to wear cute clothes...they make going to the  gym more exciting...TRUE
Outfit Details
Sweater: PrepSportswear
Capris: Marshalls
Shoes: Marshalls
Tank underneath: Muscle Club  Apparel
Under Armor Back Pack: Thrifted Savers
Glasses: Optic Gallery,,,I actually use them to see :O) haha

haha thanks P.E. for taking pics of me! Here is a quick outfit of the day with her too!

and can we just talk about this sweater again...when I say I have worn it everyday I have...really worn it everyday...not only is it super soft and comfy but it makes me smile...my first college sweatshirt...yep...and well...I graduated in 2002...uh ha...I said it...PrepSportswear was kind enough to make my dreams come true and send me my very first sweatshirt...it was hard to choose since they had like 50 designs not to mention different logos! I almost got a sorority shirt too! I was in Delta Zeta in case you didn't know...anyway you gotta check out their online store and with March Madness you are sure to find you a cute tank, sweater, or hoodie with your team on it! I think I want my next one to be a vintage team for sure...Love you guys! 



  1. You're wearing pink! and blue. Yeah. Your post is motivating me to reconnect with fitness. I've been off my routine for like a year, and I know intellectually that I've got to get back into it. The bosu ball looks like a fun challenge.

    Sue xo

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  3. LOL!!! This is such a cute and fun post! I love your tips and you're so right about EVERYTHING!!!

    7eventh Letter

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