Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Outfit Details
Faux Fur Vest:, Shirt and Belt: Thrifted Faith Lutheran Thrift (During this Thrifters Anonymous Trip)
Skinny Jeans: Hudson Thrifted Goodwill Seattle (During this Trip)
Wedges: Marshalls (During this Trip)
Bracelet: Jewelmint
Watch: c/o Sprout Watches
Glasses: Optic Gallery
Purse: Coach Gifted

I know you guys are like...oh my..Shana is WEARING clothes...haha P.E. was with me and I had her take a few shots of me..I was excited to be wearing a basically fully thrifted outfit...everything was pretty recently bought and I was so excited to be wearing my totally TWO years late on the train fur vest in 75 degree heat...haha whatever...as a thrifter you don't always get to jump on the trends when they happen...that's fine...I just bring it back..when I want...AND don't let it fool you...usually I don't care for things that don't have the same pattern or texture on the back of the shirt or vest...but in this case...it worked...it's getting kinda hot...so it was nice..anyway...As the season is changing so are some of my ideas for this here blog...I haven't really found out exactly what I want to do but I thank you guys for always being so supportive and open to whatever it is I may display or discuss...more to come on that topic..until then...
BUST OUT your Fur vests cuz...well....THEY ARE BACK...
Love you guys!



  1. You look fabulous! You found yourself some great items.

    Sita xx

  2. Love the vest and booties and I think you and I have the same glasses...mine are RayBans!!

  3. So gorgeous! You look amazing. LOVE the vest :)

  4. Shana I love those boots, jeans, but especially the glasses and that WATCH!

  5. Excellently presented! You look great. The delightful quirks of op-shopping far outweigh any staid sticking to 'current fashion'. You're making fashion yourself!

  6. Love your faux-fur gilet ^^


  7. This is a great look. The watch and bracelet are my fave.

    P.S Check out the contest on my and my friend's new blog: http://frugalfabulistas.blogspot.com/

  8. I love your outfit, so chic, and fur vests!

  9. Love the vest and that watch is just fabulous!

  10. Love this!!! You look totally hot too-those glasses are everything! And don't worry-you aren't the only one who's rocking fur vests in the heat. I'm definitely rocking mine!!


  11. Cutest boots EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I never did put away my fur vests ... ha ha)


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