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Thrifters Anonymous Link Up! VALUE VILLAGE Seattle!

The Thrifters Anonymous Member of the week goes to Dawn of
Simply Sassy's Style

{Wooden Handbag - Boutique in FL, Skirt - Thrifted, Corset Shirt - TJ Max, Bracelets -Thrifted),

I Sassy LOVE this fun...I love that you paired a corset with this skirt! I'm also loving your short hair!!! So sexy! Thank you for linking up and sharing your thrifty finds!!! 
If you missed last weeks Thrifters Anonymous you can check it our HERE! Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel where you can go thrifting withe me...I will be updating videos soon!

So our next thrift store was Value Village...we had to visit this one...this is where the Thrift Shop song was filmed! I only found this out at lunch that day when I got to meet the lovely ladies of SAVERS!!! I will do a special post on that :O) Anyway Keely, on of my newly founded best friends and dancer in Magical Madness Dance Theater joined me on a brisk..ok FREAKING COLD rainy walk to Value Village...we were so tired but mustered up some energy to hunt!

Here are some of the tricks I shared:

I taught her a few the mirror and place your items OUTSIDE of the dressing room...way easier...

 If you feel the need to try on something...DO IT!

 REALIZE that sometimes things don't always look how you thought they were gonna...
 and always check for missing buttons....ALWAYS...
Some colors...just don't work on your skin tone....EVEN if they are expensive shirts...
 and...well..then this happens....
A person only needs 1 grey cardigan....haha not 12

 and well...

 Taking pictures while thrifting will help you realize you love something..JUST look at her face in this cute sweater...LOVE IT!
 ALWAYS buy the item if THIS happens below..haha

 Let's go back to this matchy bird sweater...haha
 Always try on a crazy color you never wore....
 and NEVER let a polka dot go un noticed...haha

 ALWAYS find a fancy dress to try on...
 and be careful sometimes you look really hot in them...haha 
 and well other times you don't...haha
 Men's sections are great for little finds like this...and jeans...well...always look at a size below and a size above or you will miss out on skinny tie died jeans...LOVE THESE

 and when shopping with a friend....make sure to FORCE them to try on things they don't normally wear...I found these Skinny jeans and made Keely try them on...they are from H&M and they make her look smoking hot...Folks..this is her first pair....please welcome her to the amazing world of skinny jeans....and they were like $5

and there you have it folks...quick tips and tricks with moi..haha We had sucha  great time..VIDEO coming soon!

Thank you all for linking up!
 Now it is you turn!
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  1. Love the make me want to shop! The matching sweaters are my favs. Did you get them? Linking up for the first time this week. Debbie @

  2. LOVE those bird sweaters! AND that sweater she loves? Is most worthy of that gorgeous smile she had! :0)

  3. Too much fun! Love your pants, and her skinny jeans. She looks HOT!

  4. I am new to the whole blogging world, and when looking for a blog topic to start stalking, I thought of one of my loves, Thrift store exploring. And then right after the thought I came across your blog (when I hadn't even begun the search). Must be fate. This post seriously made me LOL (and I don't think I LOL as much as I type that I do). I need to find a thrift shopping pal. I look forward to more LOLing!

  5. This week, my outfit is pretty much all thrifted. I lucked out at a couple of the big sale days! Woot Woot! What fun to see all of your loot at Savers Seattle. I actually really like that hat on you.

    Thanks for hosting Thrifters Anonymous.

    Sue xo

  6. You ALWAYS manage to make thrifting look super fun!!!

    7eventh Letter

  7. SHANA did you see!!! i got brave enough to post my first ever what i wore post!! thanks friend for the inspiration and loving those bird jumpers xxxxx

  8. Love seeing you thrift in action!! :)

  9. You always have some fun thrift shopping experience. And yes, she looks hot in those skinny jeans and she should be wearing more of it. :) Love that dyed jeans of yours. :)

  10. OMG!!!! I won! Thanks so much! I keep thinking about looking, but was so busy with work!




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