Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Lady Silvia: WPPI Take One

So...I have been going back and forth on how I was going to share this past weekend and the incredible experience I had...As you can see...the hubby and I took some pretty awesome pictures and I was able to take part in WPPI (The Wedding Photography Association) for the first time! I want to share ALL the pics...but frankly some are a little racier than others...and I try to keep this here blog PG...haha or at least PG13...So I apologize if I offend anyone...but I just think they were done so well...and I will only post what I think may not be too "Hey Shana we don't need to see all your goodies in your blog posts" pictures :O)
I just loved the lingerie designed by La Lilouche from Bella Bella Boutique and Adam was decked out in STITCHED and I fell in love all over again! 

There were so many incredible photogs that I was able to meet and work with and I could blog about them for days...and don't worry.I WILL..but today's will be dedicated to the ones who I got to work with at the speak easy that was planned and put together by Haute Shots Boudoir Photography..and my team of incredible women! 

So... what happens when you get beautiful women dressed in scantily clad outfits posing on vintage chairs in a local Speak Easy in VEGAS? ummm get some pretty smokin HOT pictures and memories for life...It's funny how self conscious we women are and how incredibly sexy and beautiful these photographers can make you feel...that is a GIFT...and I hope that all of them know that..the photogs that is....I haven't shown all the photos and to be honest I don't even think I have SEEN all of the photos...but I tried to put some of the PG13 photos up for a quick glance...and you can head on over to Bella Bella's BLOG HERE for more photos and the lingerie! You can also check out Haute Shots WPPI recap up HERE!

    Photographers Posted
Concept of Shoot
Make Up: Kathryn Ludens of Hera Beauty
Hair: Rachel Bates of Hera Beauty
Designed by Liya of La Lilouche
High Wasited Panty: American Apparel
Garter: American Apparel
Diamond Bracelet: The Arctic Freeze by Luxe Craving
Gold Bracelet: Vintage Hubby's Grandma
Suspenders and Bow Tie: STITCHED Lifestyle

And for anyone thinking of doing a couples shoot here in Vegas with none other than Stacie Frazier of Haute Shots...STOP THINKING...and book your fantasy shoot AS SOON AS POSSIBLE...It was a like a Honeymoon, therapy session on CRACK I tell ya...It was EXACTLY what we needed and more...Thank you to all of the lovely ladies that I met on this shoot..and for more pics I will continue to share on my Instagram HERE. Stay tuned for the other shoots I was able to be a part of!!! oh and THANK YOU to The Lady Silvia for hosting this and being the beautiful backdrop for these incredible pics...and to my Haute Shots Team...Everyone look stunning and together I SWEAR we could rule the world! MUAHH AHH AHH ok maybe not the world...but we are pretty darm talented if I say so myself...which I did which makes me a little stuck up but after these shoots I feel as though I can do ANYTHING! haha see what I mean...go get you a couples shoot NOW!


  1. WOW!


  2. they are simply amazing, you guys are too cute together!!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I don't think I've seen any "racy" pics here on your blog :) All of your lingerie pics taken are done tastefully. You look like a princess in the first picture. No wait...more like a queen. You're so photogenic and pretty!

    xo Azu

  4. The high-waisted La Lilouche lace briefs and matching bra at Belle Bella Boutique are gorgeous. I love the photography too. That's you? You look fabulous! I purchased and posed in some high waisted American Apparel Stretch Floral Lace High-Waist Briefs in Dusk but got them in a size to small - they were tight. I may do a post on my over 18 blog, but not on my usual lingerie review blog at (I'd love your opinion on my last post there.

    Your photoshoot with Lady Silvia was fabulous! What beautiful photographs of a beautiful couple!

  5. Such very artistic and tasteful photographs. I'm sure the others are of the same quality, but I appreciate that they may not be suitable for all of your readers. That alone would never make them less artistic or beautiful though. Well done.

    I didn't realize at first that it was your husband in the photos, and I was going to comment on the hottie male model. Now, that would have been tacky of me. :)

    Sue xo

  6. wow these are so gorgeous! So tasteful and beautiful! You did an amazing job! I've never thought about getting photos like this done before, but they would be awesome!



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