Friday, March 08, 2013

Springtime in Paris

A little over a month ago I posted my head shots on Instagram...I go to auditions here and there but mostly for acting...and some modeling..but I don't remember the last time I went to an audition for a runway show! I  got a call from a close friend who told me about the audition and I just said YES...the hubby gathered my head shots because he is AMAZING and I was on my way. I honestly didn't know what to expect but I did a little research on Louisa Voisine and was so excited to meet her! 

After visiting her studio I was in AWE of the creativity and stunning designs...I am hat girl...I know..I don't wear them often...but I have been collecting hats since my grandmother handed hers down to me from Paris. Louisa is so passionate about her designs that each hat carries a special place in her heart...just ask her...she will tell you a story of the fabric or shape...
As Louisa introduced herself I could feel myself begin to shake with nervous thoughts of failure and then she laughed and complimented me and asked me to begin my walks. I was to do 3 walks...department store, traditional runway, and European...I have been in several shows but the walk was mostly comprised of department store tendency's, runway divas, and pageant style I quickly reverted back to my hours and HOURS of watching reruns of Mrs. Jay on Americas Next Top Model and I just went for it...I told you hubby..I told you watching that show would help..Thank you Tyra!
My mom loved hats... and I just know she would have loved this one in particular..I so wish I could share this with her...she would be so proud!

So FAST FORWARD a month later and here I am at the ECCOCI in Boca Park Preview for Loiusa Voisine Millinery Springtime in Paris Fashion Show benefiting Dress for Success!!...I GOT IT!!! I am WALKING a runway!!! with a hat...several of them...and I am beyond excited ....The event last night was great..I met so many women who just radiated once they placed that hat on their head....I am telling you..something happens when you put on a hat! Look at them!
This was special for Louisa as she has never revealed or previewed any of  her hats prior to her runway shows...and in case you didn't know Louisa was the  2012 Kentucky Derby Hat Winner!!
IMG_1287 IMG_1288 
This is Paula. She is the one who gave me a call and made this magical introduction happen...I tell ya...this is why my dad always told me to say never know what opportunity is waiting for you! THANKYOU Paula!!! She is also determined that no hat looks good on her..I beg to differ!
IMG_1274 IMG_1273 IMG_1271 
IMG_1268 IMG_1267 
ECCOCI was so generous and had some amazing pieces..Janice Wilson was so excited and I think she might have tried on every hat on the rack! Thank you Janice for being such a gracious host and making me feel so welcome!! Your store rocks!
I basically stared at this skirt made of red feathers the whole time..I should have just tried it on...I have so many dreams for this many outfit of the days haha I mean come on..what's better than hats and sequins but FEATHERS! I was also wearing my new shoes from Marshalls..I love them.
IMG_1279 IMG_1283 
This is Paula...she is is addicted to shopping..welcome...haha
I was also so excited to run into Kimberly of the founders of Dress for Success and a close friend! She is hilarious and I swear we are like long lost sisters...Love you girl!
IMG_1285  IMG_1294 IMG_1295 IMG_1296
Some of the models from the evening!
Thank you Louisa for giving me this opportunity! It is such an honor to have met you and to be a part of this celebration! Looking forward to what is to come! 
And for anyone in Las Vegas looking to see the show and be a part of such a worthy cause you can still buy tickets!! See you there! Maybe I will VLOG it :o)

That's all folks.



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  4. OMG! I am soo lovin those hats!!!!!

    10 thumbs up!



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