Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Showtime Part 1

Our first night of our show was absolutely amazing...inspiring..emotional and everything in between. It's funny..this meant so much to each of us..different but very much the same...its amazing when you do something your heart has wanted for so long...something you never thought you would do...and not only do it...but have others feel what you did...have others tell you that they were moved or inspired...that is when all of it makes sense...all of the wanting..and the working...
 IMG_1120 IMG_1121 
We also had the privilege of being part of two other dances...it was so much fun...meeting all of these incredible souls...passionate about movement...
All three of us were completely inspired!
Zheng was the creator of this show and the one who was inspired by us...who would have thought...so amazing
IMG_1133 IMG_1137  
The last dance was to Thrift Shop...you know I was all about that...but I totally forgot to bring any clothes! haha luckily I had some in my suitcase that I had planned on wearing anyway...haha I also got a few pieces at Goodwill and Value Village and Anastasia and Keely wore those! haha
IMG_1142 IMG_1141 IMG_1147   
The show was incredible and it was time for us to eat! STARVING! We ate with Anastasia's family and man was it good...so happy to meet everyone and to have them for support!
IMG_1150 IMG_1153 
I was able to keep it clean with Seared Tuna and Israeli Couscous as my carb...they didn't have sweet potato or rice but I had him only out 4 ounces..and told him to give me olive oil on the side! It felt good to make healthy choices and still have a good time!
More pics to come! I will be working on our vlog as well...I have so much video from the trip! haha
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  1. What fantastic and uplifting photos Shana!!! You and your dance partners look amazing.

    Sue xo

  2. wow cool .. fond memories for years to come .. greetings


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