Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Madness in the Market


By now most of you know I was in Seattle dancing my heart away with the Magical Madness Dance Theater...and I was so honored to have worked with Doug Ostgard while we were there. We all thought it would be so much fun to go into the Market and dance...Doug was so inspiring during our trip and we went nuts as you can see....
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This is one of my favorites..even I had to take a second glance!
Everyone stared but we were totally ok with it...It was freezing but it was soo much fun...I am just in awe of some of these images...some of these poses were straight from our choreography of our dance we performed that weekend...
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We did this jump like 8 times...haha people started to crowd around us!! As if we were going to perform! Clearly we loved the attention! haha542593_500949859968989_1197972099_n 535503_500950073302301_733297282_n 63194_500949556635686_1852054349_n 
This guy was making fun of us the whole time haha I love that he is in the picture...trying to give us some apples...
The lady that owned this flower stand actually wanted to charge us $5 for smelling her flowers haha I just told the girls to SMELL N GO...haha 1849_500949899968985_637722795_n 59746_500949399969035_1778575292_n 5645_500949356635706_1399489749_n 581821_500949353302373_2138782777_n 62158_500949273302381_725807845_n 69221_500949059969069_1784466861_n 544165_500949836635658_288322882_n
I wanted to show you guys a few but I obviously couldn't pick my I I picked them all! These pictures sum up the weekend and the beginning of a journey that I never thought would come true. THANK YOU Doug for capturing moments in time...a dream that all of us had to come together and move...move others...move ourselves...and dance our hearts away...This was a Magical experience...and you have a gift of capturing the moments even under the MADNESS of our creativity...the 30 degree temp...the wind...and the randoms that continually stalked our purses and tried to knock us down...haha  I hope that I get to work with you again someday...

You guys can like Doug's Facebook page HERE for more pics from our show and other performers! Thank you for letting me share these with you!  More outfit of the days will be coming soon and we will be returning to our regular programming  :O)


  1. These pictures are amazing!! I love them...looks like so much fun!

  2. Cute post! We lived in Seattle for a few years when I was first married. It is such a beautiful city!!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS these are great! Haha I love them all! So entertaining and creative. You girls rock!

  4. You guys look so cool in these picture. I love them!!!

  5. I seriously love all of these :)

    Tiff Ima
    Style Honestly

  6. Omy gosh WHO ARE YOU...I mean thrifter extraordinaire, boudoir babe, model, wife....dancer??? Those pics are AMAZING

  7. Looks like you went to the market during the week when it is slower. On the weekends it is wall to wall people! Love the many shots your all much fun!

  8. Absolutely stunning! You flexible little devils!

  9. Girlll you ladies rock these pics out! Nice work!


  10. I am not even going to comment on the fashion aspect of this post. You always look nice. Let's talk about the artistry of these amazing photos. You guys look like you were having so much fun. It must be an incredible feeling to be able to just lose yourself like that in front of complete strangers. I think this is one of the greatest benefits of dancing.

  11. Love love the amazing pics. U girls r way to cute. Love all the fun your having. By the way you rock beautiful Shana!!!!!.


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