Friday, March 22, 2013

5 things I learned and a Downton Abbey Dress

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Outfit Details
Hat: Designed by Louisa Voisine Millinery Spring Collection 
Dress: "The Titanic Dress" Downton Abbey Spring Collection 
Will be available this Spring in her Las Vegas Boutique!
Heels: BCBG Thrifted Savers 

You might remember THIS post where I talked a little bit about my opportunity to work with Louisa Voisine Millinery...WELL..not only do I get to wear some of her gorgeous hats for her upcoming Spring collection Fashion Show benefiting Dress for Sucess...but I got to take some with me along with a new collection of Downton Abbey dresses she will be carrying in her boutique!! Ummm I kinda wanted my hubby to tell me" ROSE...I will never let you go...I will never let you go..." in this dress... haha if you know where that is from...haha leave a comment! haha 
Here are a few things I learned about hats...and well myself IN hats...

1. Wearing a hat that is not a baseball hat or fedora seemingly gets a lot more attention from EVERYONE.
2. When wearing a hat of such grandeur one must hold their hand out to the side as if they were holding an imaginary cup of tea...EXAMPLES above haha
3. Every hat has a name...this hat's name is Colette...which ironically was my french name in college.
4. This particular hat took 4 days to make by hand usinSinamay: a plant grown in the Philippines where the fibers are woven into sheet or hood forms. (let's just say I carried this thing like a BABY!)
5. Men don't understand hats (but I think that may be the case for most things women LOVE) haha

I will have some more from my "Let's learn about fancy hats, because I have become OBSESSED edition" next week!  If you guys have any questions about hats let me know and I will ask her..I am fascinated by the whole grandmother in Paris ALWAYS wore a hat...maybe that is where I got it from? If you see a lady wearing a fancy hat in might be me...just sayin...


  1. Love the hat and the fact it has a name!! Fun post!

  2. The hat and dress are beautiful, you so look so pretty in these photos!!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. That is one gorgeous hat! You've styled it beautifully with the soft and subtle dress. You have both Mary and Sybil's beauty.

    So, The Titanic? Rose and Jack? Didn't see the film. I'm too much of a weeper, and I thought it would be too sad.

    Sue xo

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