Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Strength, Boudoir, and a Dream

This beautiful lady is Mrs. G from Colorado, and her story is both touching and all to close to home for a lot of us. I was so excited to share her story when Stacie and the Haute Shots team told me that they could now share a sizzle reel that they had worked on almost one year ago. While the dream of making this a television show has not come to be, YET...you can read about it HERE, man is there a story to tell...while some are fun and funny...this one is touching in more ways than one. I know I am always saying how this boudoir spokes model gig has changed my life, and I am sure most of you just roll your eyes and maybe don't  understand it...but watch this video...and I promise you will be motivated and touched in a way that hopefully will inspire you to reach deep inside and always exude that confidence we all have within us...and heck...Valentines Day is right around the corner! 

So...you guys ready to do one? 



  1. A beautiful woman and an amazing photoshoot with a great photographer.
    Thank you for sharing!
    I would love to have photos taken there.

    Lady of Style

  2. amazing amazing amazing!! i cried my eyes out and loved every minute of it ... you are such a lucky lady to be involved with such a great and amazing group of people!!

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