Wednesday, January 09, 2013

One Way

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Outfit Details
Dress:  H&M Thrifted Savers 
Canvas bag: GAP Thrifted Savers
Aviators: Bought in the Bahamas
Sperry Top Siders: Thrifted Savers

Hey look what I found...haha pictures from our vacation...that I totally forgot to post!..not sure what Island this was...after the 3rd it didn't matter anymore...we had so much fun...the hubby and 43 great friends and new friends had a blast among the Carnival Glory and man I wish I was there right now. I also wish it was warm enough to wear a dress. I haven't quite gotten into the Winter weather just yet...anyway...we took tons of pics and I can't wait to share them with you might be picture overload...but ah well...I just really felt like this vacation was more than just a chance to let loose, eat waay to much food, and stay up late....There were moments that I would close my eyes and just be...I know that probably sounds weird...especially to those who do yoga....probably why I could never do yoga...anyway...I was just allowing myself to BE where ever I was...and man was it difficult the first couple days.I kept checking my non service cell phone and looking at the itinerary for the was like I was reaching for a plan...a schedule...and then on the 3rd day...I finally just 
I cried, I laughed...and I just let go...of what I thought I should be doing...there was no schedule...I could do whatever I wanted to do, at that what relaxing is? haha because I am starting to think that when I say I am relaxing I am really not...instagramming, blogging watching tv...I am the biggest multitasker there is and I think that is why it is so hard for me to do I guess I will add that to my "I WANT" list for 2013...moments where I just LET GO and BE :O)



  1. Great post!


  2. I can totally relate. I'm constantly doing or planning something. My boyfriend and I went on a cruise last year and the first two days I was like this is But once I got used to just relaxing and doing whatever I wanted, it was SO NICE!

    I really love that dress too!

  3. Thanks Dawn! and yes was definitley WEIRD !hahah I don't think most of us relax much!! haha

  4. Lovely photos! It is so warm and summery. Makes you want to hit the beach and bask in the sun.Hmmm... I miss the ocean so much and the fresh seafood. You look lovely.

  5. Love the dress! Youre making me want a vacation :)

  6. Lovely pictures!



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