Friday, January 25, 2013

Dog Butts and Floral Skinnies

IMG_5297 IMG_5289 IMG_5308 IMG_5313
Outfit Details
Sweater: Thrifted Savers
Floral Skinny Jeans: Target
Fur Stole: Thrifted Savers
Sneaker Wedges: Marshalls
Crimson Red Andante Necklace: LuxeCraving
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While I was freezing my butt off in Park City for Sundance, I was absolutely loving the snow...not much snow in Vegas...we took tons of pics and as I have mentioned before I was excited to dress up again...put on lipstick...put on jewelry. I feel like I go through phases of Wanting to get ready. Oh and speaking of my hubby managed to get our puppies butts in every single shot is beyond I apologize...for all of the butts..But here I am...WEARING clothes! and I have to be honest..I bought these jeans at Target some time first I was like...ummm flowers....lots of flowers...then when I saw that they were only $10 I was like..hmmm that's a pretty good deal...I could make these cute...then they just sat in my closet for like 2 months...Do you guys do that? I always feel like vacation is when you should bust those things I am forced to wear it because that is all I brought..It's a good strategy folks...try it sometime...anyway..I ended up really liking you will see them a lot...I have gotten quite a few printed denim and I am going to see how it goes.


  1. This only shows how awesome you are. You can look absolutely stunning even while being surrounded by dog butts. That takes talent, my friend. LOL!

    Those floral jeans are so cute. I have been looking for a pair for quite some time. Maybe I shouldn't be so picky? ;) Love all of these pics! Snow is so much fun.

    xo Azu

  2. I think the pants are awesome. They look get in the snowy weather.

  3. i really like the pants ... and I was never sure about the wedge running shoe but you really make them look pretty darn cute, I might have to give them another look!

  4. i'm sure i'm way late on this comment but i really love your new blog look. very nice! i also wore wedge sneakers today- i have a hard time styling them so i like seeing how you do it! super cute with those floral skinnies :)

  5. Shana~

    You freakin rock. Still a hottie, even when surrounded by doggy butts.
    I can't tell you how hard you freakin cracked me up!
    These pics are too cute. I love your new super dark hair with red lipstick, gorgeous!

  6. I love those jeans on you, I haven't been bold enough to purchase so just got the black and grey paisley ones from Target.

  7. The doggie booty reminds me of an episode of "Bob's Burgers" when Bob's sister in law hung pictures of animal anuses all over his poor restaurant, haha!

    Anyways, cute skinnies and I can't believe you found those sneaker wedges at Marshalls! Apparently I need to stop in Marshalls more often!

  8. I love this outfit soooooo much! You are adorable! :)

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  10. You are so cute and such a crack up! Your photos are gorgeous. xo

  11. You look amazing..

    Love your makeup..


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  13. Your floral print skinny jeans look lovely. There isn't a Target close to me but If I get close to one now I know they have some pretty fashions. Your sweater , lipstick and hair look very pretty too. I'm both your hubby and I were too busy lookking at you and your outfit to have noticed the dog butts - I never would have if you hadn't mentioned them. I like your YouTube channel Thrifters Anonymous (just subscribed). :)


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