Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cruising Together Day 1: MIAMI

Since I have my vacation on the brain, and I have now gotten you guys to think about vacation I thought I would share ours from over two months ago...We took so many pictures and I love them all...and well it's my blog so get ready for picture overload....I figured I will do it in days...hahaha..sooo DAY 1....It all started here...when we landed in Miami and began to roam around for what I like to call my FAVORITE HOTEL in the WORLD...ok might be a little over dramatic...but really...
The Kimpton Hotels are by far my favorite and this was the EPIC Hotel in Miami...the price was the same as the crappy Best Western down the way...and let me tell you...this place was amazing...
I LOVED how everyone was all Miami'd their I'm on vacation uniforms...

The yachts that were docked outside of this hotel were RIDICULOUS!
I was SO ready to get on that ship....
 I am basically just going to post the pics in order and we didn't take one before we got on cuz we were so dang excited!

 Our room was just an an average window room, but it was pretty it!

 Right when we got on board we had a bite to eat and waited for the drill...for safety that is...after that we had about 2 hours to kill before dinner...and well...I figured this would be the best time to hit the gym before I stuffed my face!

We ate in the Platinum Restaurant every night...I think our restaurant was definitely the best...
We were among an amazing group of friends from Alaska...Out of respect for the families and their kids I won't show their pics...but man were these kids us thinking...probably should get on that train! There were a few that said I could share some pics so here they are...Hannah and Laurelie were awesome...we seriously had so much fun..I had just met them this gorgeous are these ladies?and their hair!!!!!!!! 
 Ed and Galilee were among the friends and I wish they lived here...I think I cried when we had to say we had fun and you will see that in some of the pics I will be showing over then next couple of days haha
 Natalie and her husband were so sweet and expecting their second child...she was a real trooper and how good looking are they? haha I tell ya...these sisters....can't wait to share more pics!
 and then there is me and my hubby...after I met these ladies I had quickly determined that I had the most boring hair in America...haha 
 Our waiters were awesome...and they did a little welcome song for us the first night!
and that was the first night...we were all pretty tired from all of the excitement and were excited for the next day! More to come...



  1. These are great pictures, you looked great and it looks like you all had an amazing time!!!

    Now I am longing for a vacation, runs to look at locations and dates!!! :-)

    Carsedra of:

  2. Cruises are so much fun! Ok, now you have the EXPLAIN the hair?!# was that everyday hair or fancy night hair


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